Toilet Repair Or Replacement: What’s Necessary?

Do You Need Toilet Repair Or A Complete Replacement?

Nothing in a home lasts forever, as much as you’d like for that to be true. You knew when you bought your home that eventually, you would need to replace a few things—even if you bought the house brand new. While you’d like to avoid plumbing issues for as long as possible, especially if they involve the toilet, things come up over time. If you have a toilet leak or clog or another issue, will toilet repair hold you over or will you have to replace the fixture completely? Here are a few signs that will tell you one way or the other.

Cracked Bowl Or Solid Bowl

If the bowl of your toilet is cracked, toilet replacement is the only issue. There are some toilet repair kits that can hold you over, but they are always just a short-term fix. If you think the tank has been repaired, it could suddenly rupture and cause major water damage. When you see a crack, get a replacement as soon as you can.

Work Out Replaceables

There are certain items in the toilet that can easily be replaced, like the flapper valve or the fill valve. Either of these things can get worn and the toilet might not stop running or it might not fill properly once it the flushing is complete. These are things that simple toilet repair can fix. Have a plumber come to your home to identify the problem for sure and then replace the items that have worn down. After that, toilet repair should be complete and things should be in working order again.

Toilet Age Identification

If you bought your house new and the plumbing was in place at that time, how old is the home? If the house was older and you renovated at some point, how old is the toilet? It’s a good idea to know the age of your plumbing fixtures so you can gauge when they are worn out. If your toilet dates back to the 90s, it is using a ton of water every flush. Even if toilet repair is possible when an issue arises, you might be better off getting a replacement to save water and ensure that you have a working fixture well into the future. Talk to your plumber about the options before you reach a final decision.

Toilet Repair Emergencies Addressed

Most of the issues you will have with your toilet are urgent, but some are true emergencies. If your toilet is overflowing with no end in sight, turn the main water valve off to your house to stop the initial problem and then call for emergency plumbing. Whether you need toilet repairs or replacement, you want it right away to get to the bottom of the issue. Call Stephens Plumbing for professional advice and any kind of help you need with toilet repair, replacement, or even just questions. We’re here to help your plumbing run as smoothly as possible.