Top 6 Plumbing Emergencies

Because your plumbing system is made of so many different parts, there are many different problems that can occur. Here are the top 6 most common plumbing emergencies and what to do when one happens to you.

1. Burst Water Pipes

A burst water pipe is typically caused by an increase in water pressure (because of a clog) or frozen water in your pipes. When the clog or freeze becomes too much, the pipe expands and eventually bursts. Because this can cause extreme flooding in your home, it’s important to turn off the water immediately and have your pipes repaired by a professional right away.

2. Leaky Plumbing Fixtures

If your toilet, sink, or another fixture is constantly leaking, you could be faced with big problems. These include high water bills, mold growth in your home, and water damage. Don’t ignore a plumbing leak, no matter how small it seems, as the problem will not go away on its own.

3. Clogged Drains or Toilets

A clogged drain or toilet may only seem like an annoyance to you, but it can be a huge issue. Clogged toilets and drains can lead to leaking/flooding, sewage backups, health hazards, and even burst water pipes. Through hydro jetting or snake drain cleaning, your plumber can fix the issue and prevent future clogs.

4. Gas Leaks

Because natural gas can be extremely dangerous, if you suspect a gas leak in your home, you need to have it fixed by a professional right away. See “What to Do in the Event of a Plumbing Emergency” below for more instructions.

5. Broken Water Heater

Because you rely on hot water for washing dishes, showering, and more, a broken water heater can really disrupt your life. An expert plumber will advise you on whether a repair or replacement is necessary.

6. Sewer System Backup

The only thing worse than flooding in your home is a flood of sewer waste in your home. Fixing this emergency involves repairing the sewer line and cleaning up the mess—both of which are unsanitary, potentially dangerous jobs that are best left to the experts.

Out of all of these emergencies, some of the most common problems can occur year round: backed up or clogged drains. When a clog or backup happens, you may be unable to use your plumbing system, you could be dealing with foul smells, or you could have waste water in your home. Fortunately, there is an effective way to clear and clean drains and pipes: hydro jetting. This drain cleaning method clears debris and helps to keep your pipes clean for longer. It’s better to solve the problem at the source with hydro jetting for a longer-lasting solution.

What to Do in the Event of a Plumbing Emergency

The most important thing to remember in the case of a plumbing emergency is to act fast. If the emergency has to do with leaking water or a burst pipe, shut off your home’s water immediately and then call a plumber.

If you suspect a gas leak, get out of the house right away, get to a safe place, and then call emergency services in this order:

  1. Call 911
  2. Call your natural gas service provider to have the gas shut off
  3. Call Stephens Plumbing for 24/7 emergency services


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