Water Leak Detection Tips

Locating Water Leaks With Water Leak Detection Tips

Not every homeowner can handle even simple plumbing tasks. That’s what professional plumbers are for, right? But the fact is, you live in your home and sometimes you’ll want to know what’s going on before you call a plumber. Do you have a water leak? How would you know? What signs should you look out for? Some water leaks are obvious. You can see when your faucet is dripping and you can hear the shower head drip overnight. But what about those leaks that might be behind the walls, in the basement, or in other locations that aren’t as exposed? That’s where these water leak detection tips come in to help. Professional leak detection may be needed, but try these first.

Tip 1: Watch The Water Meter

The first thing you can do to detect leaks around your home is to keep a close eye on the water meter and your water bill. If you’re noticing a spike in your bill, it might be because you have a leak. If you suspect something, turn off your appliances that use water  and then go outside and look at the meter. If it’s still changing, you probably have a leak somewhere and you’ll want to call a professional to help.

Tip 2: Watch For Water Stains

While you can see water puddling somewhere, you may not always have that advantage. Instead, watch for stains on the ceilings, the walls, or other locations to show you that water is leaking somewhere within your walls. You’ll want to have a professional check it out right away. The place you see the stain may not be where the leak originates, since water can travel and settle long distances.

Tip 3: Check Outside

If you think there’s a leak somewhere, check the exterior of your home as well. If you have hoses left on, even a little, they can drip and lead to quite a bit of wasted water over time. If you have irrigation systems or other such items outside, they can also leak underground, causing mushy sod and other indications.

Tip 4: Get Inspections

It’s not always easy to tell whether or not you have a leak or where that leak is coming from, especially if you’re not a plumber yourself. If you suspect something is amiss, call a plumbing professional to inspect your plumbing system. It’s never a bad idea to have an inspection because then you can have the peace of mind that things are operating as they should. If there are any small issues, you can have them taken care of ahead of time before things worsen and turn into a true emergency.

Ask For Water Leak Detection

If you think there’s a leak, don’t ignore your intuition. Call Stephens Plumbing for water leak detection, done by professionals. If there’s a leak anywhere in or around your house, they’ll find and fix it. You’ll know you aren’t wasting water you don’t even get to use, and you will also avoid further damage and a larger problem from a burst pipe or another issue in the future.