What Your HVAC Does For You

Pay Attention To Your HVAC System

Your HVAC system is something that works hard for you on a daily basis. Whenever you need it, it’s there. Unless you ignore it long enough, it will go on strike and refuse to work until you meet its demands, but we’ll get to that in a minute. First, let’s go over the things your HVAC system gives to you (when it is still working hard).

Your HVAC System Keeps You Comfortable

If you ever walk into your house on a sweltering hot day and feel the cool air greet you, you have your HVAC system to thank. Likewise, when it’s bitterly cold and you’re warm and toasty inside, your HVAC system is there for you. These are the two most common things you think about when it comes to what your HVAC system does for you.

Your HVAC System Cleans Your Air

Your HVAC system also has an integral part in how clean your indoor air is. If you change the filters regularly, you can expect to be breathing decent indoor air. As long as you care for the unit, it will give you the air you want to be breathing.

Your HVAC System Cuts Humidity

On those especially hot days, the air outside is rather humid as well. Luckily, your HVAC system cuts that humidity out of the air as it delivers cool air to your home.

Your HVAC System Protects Your Home

While keeping you cool or warm, your HVAC system also protects a number of elements in your home. Think about what happens to your pipes when they get too cold. They can burst, right? Well, your HVAC system is keeping you AND the pipes nice and warm so neither of you has issues with the cold air outside. In the summer, the sun, heat, and humidity can really do dreadful things to a home if there isn’t any air. You don’t have to worry about anything literally melting because your HVAC system is working hard for you, once again.

The Importance Of Maintenance

You would never hire an employee and expect them to work day and night, every day of the week all year long with no benefits or vacations, would you? And that’s why you need to maintain your HVAC system from time to time in order to keep it going. Nothing works for free, even a machine. So what do you do to maintain your HVAC? It’s simple, really. Here are a few items to include on your to-do list.

Change Filters

You will want to check, clean, or change the filters every month to keep the HVAC unit efficient and effective.

Keep It Clean

Check the indoor and outdoor units to ensure they are free and clear of debris.

Get Check-Ups

Just like people, HVAC systems need check-ups from professionals. Get a yearly tune-up and your HVAC system is much more likely to work hard for you for the rest of the year.

Contact Stephens Plumbing For HVAC Help

When you’re ready for that check-up, Stephens Plumbing is here to help ensure your HVAC system will work well all year long.