Common Leak Causes That Need Water Heater Repair

Getting Water Heater Repair For Leaks

You might not know much about your water heater (other than the fact that it allows you to take nice, hot showers), but you do know when it’s leaking, that’s not a good sign. Water heater repair is a nuisance, but it can turn into an even bigger issue if you don’t handle it right away. Water heaters can leak for a variety of reasons and it’s important to effectively diagnose where the leak originates so you know how to handle the problem right away. Contact a licensed plumber any time you notice a water heater leak. Water heaters mix electricity and water and they are never safe for homeowners to mess with. Here are some of the most common leak causes that can force water heater repair to become necessary.

Old And How Water Connections

If your water inlet and outlet connections are leaking, the fix is simple and easy. The pipes going into and out of the water heater might be loose and tightening those connections can take care of the problem right away. Your plumber will be able to take care of that quickly and inexpensively.

Temperature And Pressure Valves

These valves play a big part in keeping the water heater running well. They monitor the water’s pressure within the tank as well as its temperature. If there is too much pressure, the valve will drain water out, which may look like a leak. It will look like water running down the side of the tank in that case. Otherwise, the valve itself might be broken or not working properly, which is a bigger problem. Your plumber will be able to tell which, if either, are the case.

The Drain Value

The drain valve is a standard part that is easy to repair, even if it is leaking. If you see water leaking from the drain valve, make sure it is completely closed. When the watertight valve leaks more, you may have to replace it with the help of your plumber. However, this part is inexpensive and not that hard to replace.

Water Heater Tank Bottom

The most common water heater repair because of leaking comes from the water tank. Sediment can build up in the bottom of the tank and eventually, it will corrode and eat through the bottom of the tank. When that happens, your only recourse is to replace the water heater with the help of your professional plumber. If you can tell that’s what’s happening by looking at the tank yourself from afar, you know you are in for a complete replacement once the professionals arrive.

Getting Water Heater Repair

You don’t have to know anything at all about water heaters to be able to tell that yours is leaking just be seeing the water running down it or pooling around it. It’s best to get the experts at Stephens Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning on the job right away so we can take care of the leaking issue for you as fast as possible.

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