Getting Your Bathroom Guest-Ready

Initial Bathroom Prep

Whether you’re preparing for the holidays or just moving into a new place, getting your bathroom ready for guests is more than necessary. It’s an essential room, and arguably one of the most used in your home. Stephens has gathered a list of necessary tasks and items to help prep and maintain your bathroom. Use it to make sure your current bathroom is up-to-date and ready for visitors, or your new bathroom has everything it could possibly need!

To Buy:

We have provided you with a list of must-haves for your bathroom. We recommend buying toilet, shower, sink, and emergency essentials to make sure your bathroom is ready for use.

Toilet Essentials

Toilet paper is one of the most important items to have in your bathroom. Make sure you have a supply at all times to prevent the embarrassment that results from not having any! Keep a daily cleaner on hand as well as toilet bowl cleaner. 

Shower Essentials

Prepare your shower by purchasing a shower curtain, liner, shower rings, a bath mat, and a place to store your body wash, shampoo, conditioner, etc. You may want your curtain and mat to match the theme of your bathroom, so keep that in mind as you are choosing. 

Sink Essentials

The area around your sink should have a clean hand towel hanging, disposable hand towels, hand soap, hand lotion, and tissues.

Emergency Essentials

We recommend that your bathroom contain a covered trash can, trash bags, a toilet plunger, and air freshener. You may also buy candles to freshen up the room. 

To Do:

Once you have all of your bathroom essentials, it is time to begin cleaning and organizing! It is important that your bathroom looks nice at all times in case unexpected visitors show up. 

Deep Clean

Whether you’ve just moved in or have lived in your home for awhile, deep cleaning your bathroom is necessary. We suggest that you clean your toilet, shower, sink, and floors at least once a week with proper cleaning supplies. Make sure to take out the trash as soon as it gets full or if it starts to smell. 

Get Organized

Make sure your bathroom is not cluttered by only having items out that need to be. Store specific supplies under your sink or in a designated place in your home. 

Run Maintenance Checks

There’s nothing worse than waiting for a shower to heat up only to realize the hot water doesn’t work, or attempting to flush the toilet only to see the water rise. Especially in a new apartment or home, test every appliance and plumbing feature to its fullest. Run the water just a little and at full blast, try every temperature, and inspect pipes behind the toilet and under the counter for leaks. It’s essential to make sure no professional work is necessary before having anyone over!

Need Help? Stephens Is Here

If while running your maintenance check, you’ve stumbled upon a problem that goes beyond DIY, Stephens is here to help. We know that keeping any bathroom pristine proves a challenge, which is why our expert plumbers are well-versed in every topic.

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