What Is Backflow Testing?

What is Backflow Testing?

Contaminated water can have serious implications on a person’s health. While we may think our home’s water supply is safe, for some that is not always the case and resolving the issue is extremely important. The cause of contaminated water is due to backflow. Learn about water backflow, what causes it, the testing process, and how to best prevent backflow with the qualified team at Stephens Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning. 

Understanding Water Backflow

Water backflow refers to dirt, chemicals, and other contaminants that make their way into your water supply because of water flowing in the reverse direction. Signs of backflow include water discoloration, foul odor, and low water pressure. There are two main causes of backflow: backsiphonage and backpressure. Caused by negative pressure, backsiphonage occurs when the flow of water becomes reversed. Backpressure occurs when pressure forces water to flow in the opposite direction. 

Testing Process

The backflow testing process consists of pressure testing and checking valves. If a plumber determines that there is a problem, repairs will be made in a timely manner in order to ensure the water is safe to drink and use. 

How to Prevent Backflow

There are a few different ways to help prevent water backflow. We suggest investing in a backflow prevention device. This device works to prevent contamination from entering water supplies. It also allows the water to flow in the direction it is supposed to. Another way to prevent backflow from occurring is to schedule regular plumbing maintenance to keep both your water and family safe.

Choose the Experts at Stephens to Provide Water Backflow Testing

If you believe that your water may be contaminated, contact the expert technicians at Stephens Plumbing Heating, & Air Conditioning. In addition to testing your water supply, we will check valves for the correct pressure to ensure you are not at risk for experiencing backflow. Water pressure will also be monitored using air gaps. If we find that there is, in fact, an issue, we can identify the problem and make the necessary repairs. 

Beyond backflow services, we offer a number of residential plumbing services: emergency plumbing, bathroom plumbing, kitchen plumbing, outdoor plumbing, drains and pipes, sewer, sump pump, water heater, and water damage. Whether you need repairs, scheduled maintenance, or a brand new system installed, we can get the job done properly and efficiently so that you can get back to what matters. 

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