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We understand that bathrooms are a high-traffic area in your home. Your showers and tubs are constantly being used and are bound to break, leak or need new parts. At Stephens Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, we have a team of trained professionals that will repair and install your bathroom shower or bathtub. Take a look at our services below!

Shower Repair

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A dripping shower can be a costly nuisance in your everyday life. We offer shower repair services to fix your leaks, cracks and other damages to get your shower running like new again.


Shower Installation

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Installing a new shower is a complicated process that should be handled by professionals. We offer shower installation services that will take the stress and confusion out of transforming your bathroom.


Shower Replacement

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We offer shower replacement services for new showerheads, doors, and other fixtures that should be handled by a professional. Take a look at our shower replacement services here.


Bathtub Repair

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Replacing an entire bathtub can be costly and time consuming. We offer bathtub repair services that will help you save your old tub and your money. Take a look at our bathtub repair services here.


Bathtub Installation

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Installing a bathtub requires a lot of hard work and lifting. We have a team of trained technicians that can help you install your new bathtub quickly and at unbeatable rates. Check out our services here.


Bathtub Replacement

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Replacing your entire bathtub can be very time consuming and will require a lot of heavy lifting. We can help you replace your old bathtub with no stress and confusion. Learn more here.