5 Signs You Need a Professional Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning: The Solution to Everyone’s Least Favorite Problem

A clogged drain: you’ve probably dealt with one at one point or another. And you’ll probably have to deal with one again sometime in the future. Clogged drains can be messy, inconvenient, and very frustrating. Fortunately, if you know what to watch out for and when to call a plumber, you can minimize your frustration. Your plumber can perform a professional drain cleaning service to get your pipes and drains back to normal in no time at all.

Here are 5 signs that you need a professional drain cleaning service.

1. You’re dealing with multiple clogged drains at one time.

If your sink, shower, and toilet are all clogged at the same time, this typically indicates a sewer drain clog. A sewer drain clog is considered a plumbing emergency and should be dealt with as soon as possible. If multiple drains are clogged, you’ll want to avoid using any of the plumbing in your home and contact a plumber right away for a professional drain cleaning. If left alone, the problem will only get worse and could lead to more expensive and time-consuming repairs.

2. Your sink, toilet, or shower is draining slower than normal.

When taking a shower, do you find yourself standing in a few inches of water? Is your sink still not completely empty, even though you turned the water off 30 seconds ago? If any of your drains are emptying slower than normal, it could indicate that a clog is forming within the pipes. While you may still have use of your sink or shower for a period of time it’s best to get to the problem before it gets worse. Otherwise, you could end up dealing with unusable sinks, foul smells, flooding, and more.

3. You’ve been noticing bad smells coming from your drains.

Do you notice a weird smell coming from your sink or shower drain or around your toilet? This could mean that sewer gases are coming back up out of your drain or that waste is stuck somewhere in your drain. Either way, a professional drain cleaning is the best solution.

4. Water is flooding or backing up from your drains.

When you flush your toilet, does water come up out of your shower drain? Does your sink fill up with water when running the dishwasher? If water is coming back up out of your drains, this can be considered a plumbing emergency, as it can lead to flooding. When this happens, shut off the water immediately and call a plumber.

5. Nothing’s wrong, but you want to get ahead of the game.

Maybe you haven’t noticed any signs of a sewer or drain problem. That doesn’t mean that you can’t benefit from a drain cleaning. An annual drain cleaning can be extremely effective for keeping your drains clean and helping you avoid issues in the future.

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