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Furnace Repair In South Bay & Orange County

A properly functioning furnace is key to staying comfortable in your home during cold temperatures. Our trained technicians have repaired and maintained furnaces for over two decades. We also offer quality thermostat and vent service!

Furnace Repair

When one part of your furnace is faulty or broken, it can create problems for the entire unit. This is why prompt, skillful repair from a trained professional is so important.

Let us know if you are experiencing any of the following furnace problems: no heat or low heat, blower problems, sporadic powering on and off, or odd noises.

If you are noticing an issue, call us right away for immediate service. Stephens will work with your schedule and budget to find the best solution for you and your family.

Furnace Maintenance

Regular maintenance is important to ensuring your furnace works properly for many years. This is important during off periods, when heaters are not used for a long period of time.

Cleaning furnace parts, replacing or cleaning air filters, and turning off the gas and power while working on the furnace are all crucial for proper maintenance.

If you have engaged in basic furnace maintenance and are still having issues—or if you want to have a professional do regularly scheduled maintenance—just let us know!

Thermostat Replacement & Installation

The thermostat is the brain of your heating and cooling system. It will sense temperatures in your home and ensure your system is producing the correct temperature.

Different kinds of thermostats exist. They vary depending on corresponding equipment, use many kinds of sensors, and can be programmed for different schedules.

If you’re looking to install or replace a thermostat within your home, give us a call. We’ll ensure your thermostat is installed and programmed correctly for your comfort.

Vent Service

Your ventilation system connects your heating unit to the rest of your home. However, over time, your vents can accumulate dirt, dust and other contaminants.

This is why vents need to be cleaned to ensure air quality. If air ducts are dirty, it can affect the health and comfort of your family and increase energy costs.

Stephens’ trained technicians understand how ventilation systems work and the best way to clean them. Contact us for prompt and proper vent service today.

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