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Stephens’ trained professionals are your outdoor plumbing experts. Whether you’re facing issues with slab leaks, outdoor sinks, sprinkler valves, or garden hoses, we can help!

Hose Bibb Replacement & Installation

Your hose bibb is the faucet found on the exterior of your house where garden hoses are often connected. Unfortunately, these parts can leak and cause frustration for any homeowner.

While some people think fixing hose bibb issues is easy and try to “DIY” it, the reality is that experts should handle it. Sometimes piping behind the faucet must be worked on as well.

Stephens’ trained experts will assess the situation and replace or install a new hose bibb as needed. Count on us to do quality work at affordable prices.


Only a trained professional will be able to properly deal with hose bibb leaks. We will assess the situation and determine the cause of your issue, which may even lie beyond the hose bibb itself.


Contrary to popular opinion, replacing a hose bibb is a serious plumbing task. We have licensed, bonded and insured plumbers who can replace your outdoor faucet quickly.


Improper installation of hose bibbs can actually lead to slow leaks inside your walls. With Stephens’ plumbing experts, we’ll make sure installation is done quickly and properly.

Sprinkler Valve Replacement

Valves are important parts of your sprinkler system because they control water flow by opening and closing. If your sprinkler system isn’t working properly, a valve issue may be the culprit.

Sprinkler valve problems include low water pressure in your yard or home, sprinkler heads that don’t spray with strong force, and wet sections in your lawn that may indicate a leak.

Call Stephens to get sprinkler valves replaced in no time. Our process is simple, and you will be guided through it by our trained professionals from first contact to actual replacement.


When you contact Stephens Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, we will be ready to understand your sprinkler valve issues and prepare to visit your home to assess the situation.


Sprinkler systems vary from home-to-home, but our trained professionals will be able to work with your system regardless. We will assess the problem and seek out possible causes.


After proper troubleshooting, we will be able to replace your sprinkler valve to stop current issues and minimize future ones. Count on Stephens to set up you for long-term success.

Outdoor Sink Replacement & Installation

At Stephens Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, we have over 32 years of experience in replacing and installing sinks of all kinds. Our services extend to your outdoor sink as well.

Outdoor sinks can face issues with buildup and leaks just like indoor sinks. Leave it to our experts to be able to recommend the right solution for your home and outdoor sink setup.

Don’t try and “DIY” your outdoor sink replacement or installation! Improper setup of outdoor sinks can lead to more problems down the road. Call Stephens to avoid this completely.


Our experts will seek to gain as much information as possible regarding your current outdoor sink setup and the problems you’re having. Based on this, we will make our recommendations.


Outdoor sink replacement is a cinch with Stephens. No matter what issues you’re facing with your current sink, we’ll replace your sink properly to prevent future issues from occurring.


Installing an outdoor sink on your own can be a complicated and overwhelming task. We have trained professionals that can install your new sink quickly and efficiently.

Slab Leak Detection, Repair, & Replacement

If you have a leak that stems from the pipes beneath your concrete floor, we are here to help. Stephens’ trained technicians have years of experience with slab leak repair services.

We offer slab leak detection and different types of slab leak repair depending on your home. Contact us to take away the stress of finding and fixing difficult leaks beneath your flooring.

Common symptoms of slab leaks include the sound of running water when water is shut off, high water bills, mildew or moisture, cracks in flooring or walls, and hot spots on the floor.


In order to properly repair or replace leaks beneath your flooring, we need to determine the precise location and severity of a leak. Our expert slab leak detection services will do just that.


You may think that your entire floor will need to be ripped up to fix your leak, but this is not the case. We use spot repair, repiping, and epoxy pipe coating to minimize damage to your floor.


Count on Stephens Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning for quality replacement. No matter how bad your slab leak is, we’ll ensure the plumbing beneath your flooring is working properly.

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