Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioners

Residential Ductless Mini Split Services in South Bay & Orange County

They’re compact, efficient, deliver improved air quality, and are affordable. That’s why more and more homeowners are turning to ductless heating and cooling systems like ductless mini splits.

At Stephens Plumbing, our team of trained technicians is standing by to help you get a new system installed or replace or repair one you already have so you can continue to keep your home comfortable. We’ve helped South Bay and Orange County residents with their heating and air conditioning since 1986!


Installing a ductless mini split system is a technical process, and if done incorrectly, you might end up with damage to your home insulation. Our skilled technicians will ensure it’s done properly.


If you’re replacing a unit, you’ll want a professional on the job because the refrigerant line has to be cut and then charged. Don’t go it alone. Let our team of experts handle it for you.


Keeping your ductless mini split system and its parts clean and free of dust will ensure it delivers comfort for years to come. We’ll not only clean all of the interior parts, but we’ll inspect and check for any problem areas.

What Is a Ductless Mini Split System?

Rather than relying on ductwork to distribute air, ductless mini splits operate without ducts.

Also known as a mini split system or a ductless HVAC system, they consist of just two main components: an outdoor compressor/condenser unit and one or more indoor air-handling units.

Ductless mini split systems are an excellent alternative to traditional HVAC systems, providing efficient and reliable heating and cooling for your home.

It’s important to note that installation is a technical process, and you’ll want experts, like the skilled technicians at Stephens Plumbing, in your home to make sure it’s done properly.

Advantages Over a Traditional HVAC System

One of the biggest advantages of a ductless mini split system is that each unit can be controlled independently, allowing you to customize temperature settings in different rooms or zones within your home.

They’re also energy efficient (because they don’t have the energy losses that are associated with ductwork), which also makes them cost-effective. And their compact, sleek design blends in nicely with interior decor.

Other benefits include:

  • Improved Indoor Air Quality: Ductless systems use advanced filters that help improve indoor air quality by reducing dust, allergens, and other airborne pollutants.
  • Quiet Operation: Ductless mini split systems are known for their whisper-quiet operation.
  • Flexibility: The absence of ducts makes installation easier and more flexible, especially in homes where installing ductwork is challenging or impractical.

How It Works

The outdoor unit contains the compressor, condenser, and expansion valve and is typically installed on an exterior wall or on the ground outside a home or building. The compressor pumps refrigerant through the system, and the condenser releases or absorbs heat from the outdoor air.

The compact indoor unit is installed inside the house, typically mounted on walls or ceilings. They’re connected to the outdoor unit through a small conduit that contains the refrigerant lines, power cable, and drainage line.

Refrigerant lines run through the conduit between the outdoor and indoor units, transporting the refrigerant back and forth.

During the cooling mode, the indoor unit evaporates the refrigerant and absorbs heat from the indoor air, which cools the room. The heated refrigerant is then sent to the outdoor unit, where it releases the heat into the outside air.

In the heating mode, the process is reversed — the outdoor unit absorbs heat from the outside air and transfers it indoors, providing warmth.

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