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Drain Cleaning Services In South Bay & Orange County"

It’s important to deal with drain issues before they lead to bigger problems like sewage backflow and cracked or blocked pipes. Call us if you are experiencing foul smells or backup today!

Floor Drain

Floor drains are designed to keep debris from getting into your plumbing system and keep water flowing freely. However, floor drains can experience backups or other problems all the same.

One backup in a floor drain can mean there is one clog close to the fixture. However, multiple backups can mean your main sewer drain into your home is clogged.

Contact our specialists if you’re experiencing clogged floor drains. We have over 32 years of experience with fixing floor drain issues in an effective and affordable manner.

Sink Drain

Are you experiencing foul smells, sewage backup, or slow draining? There are cost-effective methods of cleaning out your bathroom or kitchen sink drain that you can try.

Pouring one-cup of white vinegar, letting it sit for 30 minutes, and then rinsing with hot water can help. Adding a cup of baking soda and lemon juice to the vinegar is another solution.

If these household fixes (or use of a plunger) don’t do the trick, give us a call immediately. Fixing your clogged or damaged drain quickly to save you time and money is what we do!

Bathtub Drain

Bathtub drains often have more than just soap and water running through them. Hair and even pet fur can make their way into your pipes and can clog up your bathtub drain.

Always make sure you use a tub strainer to keep hair and other unwanted items out of your plumbing. If you are experiencing a clog, try removing your strainer and using a plunger.

However, if a plunger doesn’t work after a few pushes, there may be a deeper issue. Call Stephens and we’ll assess the situation and help you unclog your drain no matter the cause!

Patio/Area Drain

Patio and area drains may be clogged up due to dirt, mud, and roots. Some people use incorrect methods to clear these drains and end up damaging pipes in the process.

It is very important to clean outdoor drains properly. That’s why Stephens Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning professionals handle clogged patio and area drains with skill.

We have over 32 years of experience and will use the proper methods of clearing any patio or area drains you have, including hydro jetting. Contact us for prompt service today!

Pipe Services

Are you experiencing issues with broken or leaking pipes? Stephens’ pipe experts have repaired and replaced pipes throughout the South Bay and Orange County. Learn more here and see how we can help!

Pipe Bursting

A burst pipe can wreak havoc on your home’s interior and exterior. Pipe bursting often happens during colder months, when water in pipes reaches almost freezing temperatures.

In order to prevent pipes from bursting and the resulting damage, we recommend insulation, use of a frost protection thermostat, and regular maintenance on the pipes in your home.

Whether you need to quickly replace a burst pipe or you need other help with your plumbing, give Stephens a call. We offer pipe replacement at unbeatable rates with prompt service.

Pipe Lining

All kinds of issues can cause pipes to deteriorate, including corrosion, blockage and root intrusion. This is why pipe lining to seal any holes or cracks that exist is so important.

Stephens Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning specializes in pipe lining within your home to prevent damage and set you up for better longevity within your plumbing system.

Contact our experts to learn more about our pipe lining services today. We will give you a free estimate on our work even before getting started.

Water Leak Detection

While some water leaks are easy to identify, others may not be as apparent without help from a trained professional. That’s where our expert water leak detection services come in.

Stephens Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning offers advanced leak detection methods to pinpoint the exact location and severity of a leak within your home’s plumbing system.

After we identify the issue, count on us to present your options for pipe repair before bigger problems result. We’ll bring you reliable, affordable, quality work guaranteed.

Copper Pipe Repair & Replacement

Many older homes use copper pipes within their plumbing systems. While copper is long-lasting, it can still deteriorate as years go by and create problems for families.

Corrosive residue builds up within copper pipes over time. Plus, copper can start wearing down and mixing with your water. Copper in small doses is OK, but in higher doses it is toxic.

Experience the benefits of Stephens’ copper pipe services today! We’ll skillfully examine the condition of your pipes and determine if repair or replacement is necessary.

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