Backflow Testing & Inspection

Backflow Testing Services In South Bay & Orange County

Backflow from contaminated water can seep into your plumbing line if not properly maintained. At Stephens, we offer quality testing services to keep your water clean and your family safe.

Water Backflow Testing, Repair & Service

What is water backflow? This refers to dirt or other contaminated substances that find their way into your water supply because of water flowing in the reverse direction.

When dirt or chemicals enter your home’s plumbing, serious health risks can result. That’s why we use backflow testing to protect and test your water supply.

Call on Stephens’ experts to engage in backflow testing as a preliminary step if you suspect that your water may be contaminated. We are happy to help!


Our experienced technicians will check valves for the correct pressure to ensure you are not in danger of backflow. We also use devices called air gaps to monitor water pressure.


If the presence or possibility of backflow is an issue, we can identify and repair the plumbing concern that is the culprit. We understand how backflow works and can protect you from it.


Regular plumbing maintenance can ensure that water backflow doesn’t become an issue for you and your family. Contact us to see how we can service your plumbing regularly.

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