Air Conditioning Care

Air Conditioning Care is Cool

A perfect air conditioner will get a room to its ideal temperature within an hour, but sometimes, this can take longer. If your air conditioner isn’t running the way that it used to, you may need to have it serviced. To avoid calling service people incessantly, take care of your air conditioner. It is can be easier than you think to keep your home cool, and to save yourself the expense of a repairman’s trip. Many will mention insulating your home, which will help you keep the cool air out in winter, and the hot air out in summer. In addition to insulating your home, a few little things that you can easily do around your home will help you save money on your air conditioning system.

Clean Your Filter

Cleaning your air conditioner’s filter is important. When air circulates through your system, the air filter pulls dust, dirt, and microscopic debris from the air, and circulates clean air back through your home. The result is being able to come into your home without having to worry about setting off allergies, or worsening coughs that may be a symptom of sickness. Cleaning your filter involves removing, washing it, letting it dry, and putting it back where it belongs. You can clean your filter as often as you want, but it is recommended that you do it once or twice per month. After being cleaned several times, you will need to replace your filter, ideally once every three months. This way, you keep the air going through your home as clean as you can.

Keep it at 78

Extremely hot summers are a common occurrence, especially in the American Southwestern United States. 78 degrees may be above the ideal room temperature, but it is the temperature that causes the least amount of stress on your air conditioner. 78 is cool enough to bring comfort on the hottest summer day, and preserve the power in your air conditioner. 78 is the temperature that environmental activists cite as the best option for anyone that chooses air conditioning.

If it’s Below 78, Run it Less Frequently

It’s understandable if 78 just isn’t cool enough for you to be as comfortable as you would like. The solution to protecting your air conditioning, in this case, is to run your system for a little while at a time. Cooler and cooler temperatures make your system work harder, and protecting your system means limiting the amount of stress on it, meaning limiting the amount of time it has to spend cooling your home.

Check for Signs of Wear, Anywhere, on the Unit

Your outside unit can rust due to its being exposed to the elements, but a local air conditioning service provider can assist you with cleaning or caring for your rusting unit. If you peek into the unit, and can see that any part has dust, dirt, or debris, an air conditioning technician can assist you in cleaning it off. Sometimes, parts have worn out, and you’re not even aware. Again, an air conditioning technician will come to your rescue.