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Advantages of Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioners


Stephens Plumbing

February 14, 2024


Advantages of Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioners

Are you wishing you could transform your three-season sunroom into a comfortable, energy-efficient space you can enjoy year-round? Or maybe you’d like to cool an underinsulated workshop or transform your garage into a functional space where you can work—not just park your cars.

These are just a few reasons to invest in a mini-split air conditioner. Let’s explore additional advantages.

Comfort Without Ductwork

Central air conditioning systems require ductwork to channel cool air into different zones in your house. This design is not only invasive but can take several weeks to install.

Conversely, mini-splits only have two main components—an outdoor compressor and an indoor handling unit—eliminating ductwork and streamlining the installation process. This design is ideal for tight spaces like garages, where there may not be enough overhead clearance to run traditional ductwork.

More Control, Increased Energy-Efficiency

Once you set your desired temperature on a traditional air conditioning system, your system gets to work, pumping an even flow of cool air throughout the entire house. Sounds good, right? Unfortunately, this design does not allow you to customize the temperature by room or decide which part of the house to cool. The benefit of mini-splits is that they offer individual temperature control for the rooms in which they are installed. This flexibility allows you to set different temperatures in different rooms based on your preferences. Want to keep a bedroom cooler at night without wasting needless energy cooling the rest of the house? Mini-split air conditioners give you that power.

Strategic Airflow

Controlling the airflow of a central cooling system is generally ineffective because of its limited precision and uneven distribution of cool air—another reason to love mini-splits. Mini-splits come with a dual split vane design, allowing directional airflow. So, if you mount your split on an offset wall, simply point the vents the other way to retain valuable airflow.

Even better? Many systems also come with auto-moving vents, which oscillate air up, down, and side to side. This helps minimize hot spots and ensures you maintain temperature consistency.

Minimal Clutter

While many homeowners opt to install their mini-splits on the wall, many are surprised to learn they have several options. Some units offer floor-mounted options. Others can be installed (or even recessed) into the ceiling. This flexibility is ideal for those who want to maintain an open and uncluttered living space.

We also like that mini-splits do not require bulky (and unsightly) ductwork, which you’ll often notice in open ceiling environments like basements and even some closets and utility rooms.

Dual-Purpose Technology

While mini-splits can certainly cool a house, they can also supplement your furnace or replace it altogether. This is ideal for trouble spots—areas of the home that lack adequate insulation or even garages and external structures that cannot accommodate long vent runs or any venting.

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