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Why Does My Clean Toilet Smell No Matter What I Do?


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April 15, 2022


A smelly toilet can be frustrating, embarrassing, and gross. If you’ve spent hours scrubbing your toilet but can’t seem to get rid of that foul stench, you may be wondering why does my clean toilet smell?

A toilet will often have odors because there is some problem with either its structural integrity or water levels. As a result, it’ll leak sewage (or sewage odor) into your home. Here are the common signs to look for:

The Water Level May Be Too Low

When your toilet has proper water levels in the bowl, it suppresses all odors from the pipes beneath your toilet. But when your water is too low, there isn’t adequate pressure in your bowl, and smelly odors can escape from the pipes and into your home.

Low water levels can be caused by:

  • Too much evaporation
  • Blocked toilet piping
  • Pesky animals

If you have an extra toilet in your house (for example, in a guest room) that doesn’t get used often, the water in the bowl is prone to evaporation.

Over time, the levels in the bowl get so low that it allows sewage scent to escape. If this is the case, try to remember to flush the toilet regularly.

There May Be a Blockage

Another problem is if the piping in your toilet gets blocked. If your primary toilet has continuously low water levels, you may want to reach out to a plumber to check whether there’s a blockage causing the issue.

Your Pet May Be To Blame

Sometimes we have pets that like to drink the toilet water, lowering the water level. So if you suspect your furry friend is taking sips when you’re not looking, try leaving the toilet lid down when you’re gone.

There Might Be a Structural Issue

Another significant reason your clean toilet may produce bad smells might be a crack in the toilet bowl or a rip in the seal.

The wax seal at the base of your toilet is essential for suppressing the sewage smell from underneath your toilet and inside your plumbing. When that seal becomes too old, it can be less effective, allowing foul scents to rise from your floor and disrupt your home.

While some homeowners may try to re-caulk the seal themselves, hiring a plumber is guaranteed to ensure that your new caulk effectively combats those bad smells.

Call Stephens Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning for Help

If you’ve ever wondered, “why does my clean toilet smell?” chances are there’s a structural problem with your toilet. A foul-smelling toilet can not only be unpleasant, but it significantly dampers the quality of your home.

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