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Commercial HVAC Inspection Checklist: Stay Warm This Winter


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January 5, 2023


Winter brings snow, Santa Claus, and the coldest weather of the year. Your HVAC system is supposed to keep you and your employees nice and warm throughout the holidays and the winter months. But it’ll only function as intended if it’s well maintained and thoroughly inspected.

Not sure what to check? Here’s a commercial HVAC inspection checklist.

Fully Clean Your HVAC System

As winter approaches, you’ll need to fully clean out your HVAC system and its equipment. Home heating systems need to be cleaned so they produce warm air and properly distribute it throughout your building.

Furthermore, anything that could interfere with your equipment – like dusty cabinets or vents – should be wiped down with a rag to eliminate any debris that might interfere with complete heating in the winter months.

Inspect All Switches

Next, inspect all the switches that affect your HVAC system, like your water heater switches. Ensure that the switches work in the first place – that is, if they can be turned on or off – and that they’re properly calibrated. Calibrating your heating equipment will ensure your office doesn’t get too hot when you turn up the heater!

Replace the Air Filters

Air filters are far from minor components. In fact, these crucial components have a major effect on the performance of your heating system.

A good air filter will prevent contaminants from flowing throughout your office, keeping your indoor air clean 24/7. However, poorly functioning air filters can block heated air and cause dust or allergens to spread throughout the building. Therefore, aim to clean and/or replace air filters for your commercial HVAC system once every few months.

Check the Thermostat Controls

Your thermostat is where you’ll control the temperature changes in your building and decide when the system automatically switches on and off. Check these controls to make sure your thermostat is still functioning properly and, if not, that you hire an expert technician to take a look at the thermostat controls and replace the unit if needed.

Remember, setting your thermostat to a temperature like 69° will prevent your office building from getting too cold, plus prevent your water pipes from running the risk of bursting.

Hire Commercial HVAC Experts for a Full Inspection

Although the commercial HVAC inspection checklist is a good start, it’s always best to hire HVAC experts for a full, comprehensive inspection of your building’s heating system and related components. Only expert technicians know exactly what to look for and how to fix common wear and tear problems, such as bad thermostat batteries, air filters, etc. The best technicians can even recommend immediate improvements or replacement heater units if your building needs upgrades.

Want to make sure your commercial HVAC system is running smoothly before the winter weather heads? Stephens is here to help. Schedule an appointment today to receive a free estimate.


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