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How To Fix Your Leaky Kitchen Pipes


Stephens Plumbing

May 20, 2021


How To Fix Your Leaky Kitchen Pipes

From broken garbage disposals to clogged sink drains, there is so much that can go wrong with kitchen sink plumbing. If you’re unfortunate enough to encounter a leaky kitchen pipe, get ready to roll up your sleeves. A pipe leak should always be corrected immediately to mitigate water damage. If you can’t get a plumber in right away, take these steps to fix your leaky kitchen pipes

Steps for Repairing a Pipe Leak

Turn Off Water

Shut off the water supply valve, likely located underneath the sink. Turn the faucet to the “on” position to empty any additional water in the line. Place a bucket underneath the pipes where you will be working.

Check the Sink Flange

If the leak appears to originate around the drain area, your sink flange is probably low on plumber’s putty. The putty breaks down over time but it’s an easy fix. Pull the drain out and add some fresh plumber’s putty to resolve the issue.

Try Tightening the Connections

It’s common for pipe connections to loosen from time to time. If you notice the leak coming from a connection, try tightening it by turning it clockwise. You can further reinforce the seal by applying plumber’s putty or wrapping it with plumber’s tape.

Disconnect the P-trap

The pipe that resembles a goose neck is called a P-trap. If the leak is coming from here, you need to unscrew and disconnect the pipe. This pipe section separates your sink from sewer gases so it’s normal to experience a foul smell when you do this.

Check for Clogs

Clogs in the P-trap will increase the water pressure and lead to leaks. If you notice anything blocking the pipe, clear it out. You can use a plumber’s snake or an auger for deeper clogs. Then reassemble the pipes and make sure the connections are tight.

Look for Holes

If you notice holes in the pipe, you can temporarily patch it with epoxy putty. Allow it to cure before you turn the water back on. This will buy you some time before a plumber can come to replace the piping system.

What if the Leak Isn’t Coming From the Pipe?

There are a lot of parts and mechanisms beneath your kitchen sink and many of them can cause leakage. You may need to unclog the garbage disposal, fix the faucet, or replace a corroded valve. Since kitchen sinks are complex, the leak could be tricky to diagnose. It’s always best to consult with a professional plumber to make sure the leak is fixed properly. Otherwise, you could worsen the issue and face expensive water damage.

Stephens Plumbing Will Fix Your Leaky Kitchen Pipes for Good

Repairing a pipe leak is no small task. If you live around the areas of Orange Country and South Bay, Stephens Plumbing can diagnose and correct your kitchen plumbing leakage. Our licensed plumbers are available 24/7 for all plumbing emergencies. You can count on us to get the job done right.


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