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3 Ways to Help Your Kitchen Plumbing Recover From the Holidays


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January 13, 2023


With winter in full swing and spring on the way, it’s a good time to revitalize and refresh your kitchen after the holidays. Odds are you had a lot of guests over for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other holiday celebrations – you might have even enjoyed several home-cooked meals! But all that cooking can significantly strain your important appliances and kitchen plumbing.

With that in mind, we’ve gathered a checklist of three ways to help your kitchen plumbing recover from the holidays.

Clean Out the Kitchen Drains & Garbage Disposal

For starters, be sure to clean out your kitchen drains and garbage disposal. All the delicious food you prepared over the holidays has to go somewhere, and a lot of it probably ended up down the garbage disposal and in your kitchen plumbing.

However, leaving food or debris in your kitchen plumbing for too long can cause sluggishness, backups, and even pipe degradation. In extreme cases, you won’t be able to turn your faucet on without filling up your sink with dirty water.

To solve this, use drain cleaning chemicals or invest in professional drain cleaning from licensed plumbing experts. Drain cleaning will help your kitchen plumbing run like new, while also cleaning your dishes faster than normal.

Refill Water Softener Salt

If your home has a water softener, its salt content was likely depleted over the holidays. Depending on the size of your brine tank, you may wish to refill your water softener salt. Without salt, the water may turn “hard,” and can lead to mineral deposits on dishes or in your sink basin.

You can replenish the salt or hire experts to analyze your current water softener salt level and replenish it. Remember to do this regularly; the more water you use, the faster your water softener salt will deplete.

Wipe Down and Clean Faucets and Drain Openings

The last step to help your kitchen plumbing recover from the holidays is to wipe down and clean faucets, drain openings, and any other plumbing components that are easily visible. For example, you can thoroughly scrub your kitchen faucet clean to make it sparkle like it’s brand-new. This will help you catch the earliest signs of rust or more significant wear and tear that might warrant a new faucet from licensed installers.

Similarly, clean the drain openings in your kitchen sink, so more gunk and debris don’t fall into the drains or garbage disposal. Otherwise, you’ll end up with clogged plumbing sooner than you think.

To refresh your kitchen plumbing and ensure it’s ready for spring, rely on experts to help you get the job done. Stephens is here to help. Schedule an appointment today to receive a free estimate.


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