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Air Conditioning Service Answers Customer Complaints


Stephens Plumbing

April 20, 2018


Solve Big And Small Issues With Air Conditioning Service

When you’re hot, you want to be able to cool down. It’s as simple as that. And that’s what your air conditioner is supposed to do for you. You may not think about the appliance very often—unless it stops working well enough to keep you cool. When it comes to calling the pros for air conditioning service, there are three complaints that people in this area have more than any other.

The Air Conditioning Isn’t Cold Enough

You’re getting cold air from your air conditioner, but it simply isn’t cool enough to actually make your house feel good. An air conditioning service can take care of that issue for you. You have to understand that your air conditioning goes through heavy use. Over time and with constant use, pieces of the system shift and move around. Some of these shifts add up to poor service and that might cause your air to warm up. There might be a refrigerant issue or a pressure setting problem. The pressure has to be high enough to compress the air and if that setting is too low, the air won’t get cold enough. There may also be a refrigerant leak. You shouldn’t have to deal with these issues alone and instead, allow a professional air conditioning service to take care of it.

The Air Conditioning Isn’t Strong Enough

The air feels cool, but it’s just not coming out fast enough. You might not feel the breeze from the vents and you might think the air conditioner isn’t working at all. You might have bad motors and the air is getting stuck inside the appliance. The ducts could be stuffed up as well and need a good cleaning. Check to make sure the registers are open and there’s no furniture in the way. Then, have an air conditioning service professional check for the main issue.

Air Conditioning Bills Are Costing Too Much

Of course, running your air conditioner is going to cost money. But if it seems to be sucking more and more from your budget, you need air conditioning service to tell you why. There can be a number of issues such as poor insulation, an inefficient air conditioner due to lack of air conditioning service, dirty air ducts, and several other reasons. High costs usually come down to an inefficient air conditioner. That can often be because it needs air conditioning service, but it can also be because your air conditioner needs an upgrade.

Get Air Conditioning Service And Avoid Complaints

No one wants to have to complain about their air conditioning. Rather than deal with the above issues and spend hot days and nights in your home, it’s best to get that air conditioning service and be proactive about the issues that can pop up. You’ll enjoy cooler air at a cheaper price if you keep on top of maintenance within your HVAC system. Let the pros look things over and save money and discomfort in the long run.


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