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Money-Saving Plumbing Tips for Summer


Stephens Plumbing

May 30, 2023


Plumbing systems are necessary for your home but are also a waste of money if things go wrong. Therefore, preparing your plumbing for summer is critical to keep more money in your pocket.

As professionals in the plumbing world, we know what you need to prep your system for the heat. So let’s go over some money-saving summer plumbing tips.

Examine Sprinkler Systems

Always check your sprinkler system before the weather heats up. Then, before they come into full use, look for leaks and check for any damage to the components. If you notice any issues, fix or replace the system before watering your lawn.

Sprinklers are one of the biggest money-wasters due to leaks. So at the beginning of each summer, slowly open up the waterways to your yard and note damage as it appears to keep more cash in your pocket.

Check Your Main Water Valve

Our next money-saving summer plumbing tips offer is getting to know your main water valve. As a homeowner, knowing where this main shutoff area is in your home is critical. Many are in the basement, but others are in the garage, near the street, or inside a utility closet. This valve is your key to saving money if you have a leak or another water issue.

If you can’t find the valve, contact a plumber. They will locate the valve for you and help demonstrate how to use it in the worst circumstances.

Keep Away From Clogs

Clogs are a nightmare for your wallet in the summertime. Ensure you keep a plunger and an auger on hand for any blockages in the system, removing them to prevent any buildup from occurring. If you use an auger, ensure you don’t crack anything.

If you can’t remove a clog, hire a professional to complete the process. They will ensure your pipes remain intact.

Look for Leaks

Checking for leaks is another excellent thing you can do to keep money in your pocket. Look in locations you wouldn’t typically check, such as under the sink and in the yard. A proper inspection might reveal leaks that would otherwise cost you thousands in the summer.

Leaks are one of the most critical money-saving summer plumbing tips, as they can quickly spiral out of control. Plumbers can also run tests and offer inspections to locate issues in your yard and home. Summer is the best time to check, as the colder months can harm your plumbing.

Examine Water Pressure

Another way to keep more money in your pocket is to obtain quality water pressure. Use a store-bought device to measure, ensuring it remains 40-45 psi and doesn’t pass 60.

Regulating water pressure will prevent burst pipes and water waste. If you’re unsure how to check, seek an outside source for precise measurements and to determine if you fault your water pressure system.

Let the Experts Handle Your Plumbing Needs

Money-saving summer plumbing tips are great! For more complicated or extensive plumbing needs, you need to call the experts! At Stephens Plumbing, we have over 32 years of plumbing and HVAC experience with fully licensed and trained technicians. We offer 24/7 emergency service throughout the South Bay, Long Beach and Orange County. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and receive a free estimate.


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