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Why Water Leak Detection is So Important


Stephens Plumbing

April 10, 2016


When it comes to having a properly maintained plumbing system, there are a lot of seemingly small and inconspicuous problems that can transform into much bigger and costly ones. For example, a leaky sink faucet might just seem like an nuisance when you hear it dripping occasionally. However, most homeowners don’t realize that the root of that leak could actually be related to faulty piping. If left unchecked, this will be a much bigger headache than errant dripping.

Don’t Wait To Get Water Leak Detection Services

Water damage can stem from a number of locations, so when you first notice any sign of trouble, it’s probably best to reach out to a professional company offering an assortment of plumbing services, including water leak detection. They’ll be able to help identify the real problem, and either repair it or recommend a best course of action. Here are a few others things to be aware of when it comes to water leaks in your home.

Why You Should Consider Water Leak Detection For Your Home

A small leak from your sink or shower might be caused by deeper problems in your home’s plumbing and piping. However, this is obviously difficult to discern unless you’re an experienced plumber who knows what to look for. Water leak services, (like detection, and if needed, repair), are valuable because a team of professionals won’t just fix the problem, but inspect the rest of your home’s piping. A consistent water leak that goes unchecked for long periods of time can cause major water damage, impacting drains or other pipes throughout your home, even if they’re not directly connected to where the leak is happening. Your home’s piping is an interconnected system, and the ripple effect of a leak in one area can spread unexpectedly. Don’t wait until you have nearly irreparable issues before calling a plumbing company.

Knowing If You Need Water Leak Repair Services

If you check your water bill one month and find that it’s noticeably higher than previous months, this could be the first indicator there are leaks in your home. Not only that, but the sudden appearance of odd odors in different rooms with faucets can also be a sign. If you think that you have have a leak (because of the above issues or something else), you can look at a few other things to confirm before calling a plumbing company. Firstly, check different toilets throughout your home to look and listen for running water. If you notice after a flush that the water is constantly draining into the tank. Even at a very slow rate, over the course of a few days that can build up to gallons and gallons of wasted water. Also, if you feel comfortable doing so, you can turn off the meter line for your home. If you do this and the line is still moving after water if being shut off, you have a leak.

Trust Professionals To Handle Any Further Water Leak Detection

If you’re at all concerned about issues with your home’s plumbing, it’s never too early to call professionals to perform necessary water leak repair. They can help prevent major problems, and even let you know about any other warning signs to look out for based on their findings.


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