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Why Are My Water Pipes So Loud, and How Do I Make It Stop?


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February 28, 2022


Your pipes are a critical system in your home. They handle tremendous pressure as water passes through them at high speeds. Sometimes they can emit loud, banging noises, which can be more than a little unnerving.

When your pipes have suddenly started making noises, there’s a lot you can do to fix the problem. So, if you’ve ever wondered, “Why are my water pipes so loud?” read on to learn more! 

Why Are My Pipes So Loud?

More often than not, pipes make noise due to a phenomenon called water hammering. But don’t worry, this sounds much worse than it is.

Water hammering occurs when residents or building owners shut off high-pressure water in the faucet. The water builds up in the pipes, and the high pressure causes a banging sound inside the shut-off valve and tube.

If you notice a distinct hammering sound and realize that the noise occurs only after turning off your faucet, chances are high the noise is due to water hammering.

Another common problem that causes loud noises is trapped air bubbles. Occasionally, when there is a problem with your home’s water line, air can sneak into your pipes and form bubbles inside the pipes’ walls. So, if you notice a loud banging sound when you first turn on your faucet, a trapped air bubble is likely causing it.

Other causes for a loud pipe could be:

  • An obstruction in the pipe (like a fallen toy or a clump of hair)
  • Older copper pipes
  • Loose nuts or bolts

What can you do to fix these problems? The main way to troubleshoot a loud pipe is to reset the air chamber supply.

How to Reset Your Water Air Chamber Supply

Turning off your air chamber supply is a great way to reset your home’s system. But, of course, if the problem is from something like a blockage, turning off and on your water air chamber supply generally won’t help.

However, because the water pressure is the most common reason pipes make loud noises, resetting the air supply may help.

To reset your air chamber supply:

  1. Turn off the main water valve.
  2. Drain your faucet, bathtub, and any other water sources.
  3. Turn the water main back on.

If this process does not work, you should call a plumber for help.

DIY fixes are great for low-stakes home projects, but your home’s water supply is a complicated network of pipes, air chambers, and more. 

If you’re ever in doubt, call a certified plumber to fix the problem. 

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