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Upgrading Your Plumbing: Is it Time to Replace Your Pipes?


Stephen Plumbing

July 23, 2023


Plumbing problems are something everyone wants to avoid. But, sooner or later, it will be time to get some plumbing services, like getting your pipes replaced.

The good news is that modern pipes are designed to last for a long time, so you shouldn’t have to replace your pipes very often.

If you’re wondering when you should replace your plumbing system, are worried that it might be time to replace your water pipes, or just want to know the signs that it’s time to replace your pipes, you’re in the right place.

These signs are true for both commercial and business spaces and residential homes. Pipes are pipes, so anyone can use this guide to decide if it’s time for a replacement.

Common Signs That It’s Time To Replace Your Plumbing:

Remember, some of these signs can happen even with your pipes in relatively good condition. Sometimes individual pipes or connections can fail, without meaning that everything needs to be replaced.

But, if your problems are getting worse, more frequent, or more expensive, it might be time to consider a replacement.

Pipe Corrosion:

Hard water is common in the United States, and between the pH differences, minerals in the water, and other factors, corrosion and blockages can happen.

Some of the most common signs that your pipes are suffering from corrosion are getting more frequent clogs, low water pressure, or bubbling noises in the pipes.

Discolored Water:

Discolored water can be a sign of many problems, and it might be a good idea to check for water quality warnings in your area before you panic.

However, if your neighbor’s water is fine, and there aren’t any warnings for the area, that might mean something is happening in your pipes. If the problem persists, it could be time for a plumbing inspection and possible replacement.

Wait a day or two to see whether the problem resolves on its own, and drink filtered water in the meantime.


Individual pipes and connections can leak without that, meaning that your whole system is aging. However, if you’re getting more frequent leaks, or the leaks are getting worse when they happen, that might be a sign that your pipes are starting to age.

Fixing an individual pipe here and there can be a DIY job. However, as the problem escalates, trying to fix pipes one by one can worsen the problem, cause cracks in other pipes, or other bigger issues. So, calling a professional plumber is a good way to prevent a bad situation from worsening. 

Old Age/The Age Of Your Home:

PVC pipes, which are common now, may not ever need to be replaced. PVC often lasts indefinitely, barring accidents, so it may not need replacement.

However, if your house is older or you have an older plumbing system, you may have metal pipes with a shorter functional life. Copper pipes can last 50 years, cast iron lasts up to 100, but galvanized steel can need replacement in as little as 20-50 years.

If your plumbing system is at its functional limit, it might be time for replacement, even if you haven’t had any problems yet.

The best way to know if you need to replace your pipes is by hiring an experienced plumbing professional to assess the pipes and determine whether it’s time to replace them.

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