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How to Stop a Toilet from Sweating: 4 Effective Options


Stephens Plumbing

March 31, 2022


A dripping toilet isn’t just gross to look at — it can also be dangerous to your home’s structural integrity. When your toilet has excess condensation, all of that water slides off your toilet and onto your bathroom floor, potentially rotting out your floor and its framing. Don’t let a sweaty toilet wreak havoc in your home. Instead, follow these steps to stop your toilet from sweating. 

1. Get a Tray

Purchasing a tray is perhaps the easiest, fastest solution to preventing your sweating toilet from causing structural damage to your home.

While this solution won’t stop your toilet from having excess condensation, it will catch all of the water from your toilet. However, you will still have to dump the water into your sink, which can get tedious and gross.

2. Use Insulation

Using insulation is a great way to stop your toilet from sweating. First, visit a hardware store to purchase a piece of toilet insulation. To install, empty the water from your tank, fit the insulation to your tank, and glue it to the sides.

This process can get complicated, however. For best results, you may want to call a plumber.

3. Buy an Anti-Sweat Valve

Buying an anti-sweat valve is perhaps the fastest solution to fix the problem.

As you might imagine, based on the name, the anti-sweat valve is a piece of equipment that can prevent your toilet from sweating by mixing warmer water into the tank. Why does this work? Condensation happens when your bathroom temperature is hotter than the water temperature in the tank.

By adding warmer water into the tank, you can significantly reduce the condensation that your toilet produces. 

Once you purchase the valve, you can have a plumber install the piece to ensure that it fits as it should. Find an experienced, certified plumber who can correctly measure and install the piece. Once installed, it should completely stop your toilet from sweating. 

4. Install a New Toilet

Installing a new toilet is the most drastic option. However, if you have an older toilet on its way out anyway, this might be the solution for you.

How does installing a new toilet solve the problem of toilet sweating?

Most toilets now are more environmentally friendly than models from 20, 10, or even five years ago. A key element to making a toilet environmentally friendly is designing a tank that uses less water. When there is less cold water in the tank, it causes the toilet not to sweat as much.

Consider upgrading to a newer model if you’re due for a new toilet.

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While it may seem benign, a sweating toilet can cause serious damage to your home and bathroom floor.

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