How Often Should Your Air Ducts Be Cleaned?

How Often Should Your Air Ducts Be Cleaned?

Mold, dust, dirt, dander, and other contaminants can hide away in your air ducts, circulating freely inside of your home. With poor air quality, the health of you and your family is at risk. Learn about the importance of cleaning your air ducts, how often you should clean them, the cleaning process, and the added benefits of having them cleaned with the experts at Stephens Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning. 

Air Duct Cleaning Process

Now, how often should air ducts be cleaned? The answer is every 3-5 years, however, if there are signs that indicate cleaning should be done sooner it is important to contact a trusted technician to get the job done. The process typically begins with an assessment of the air ducts. From there, a vacuum is used to remove the accumulated contaminants after they have been dislodged. Once the air ducts are clear of debris, they will be thoroughly cleaned to ensure healthy air quality. Scheduling regular maintenance on your heating and cooling system is recommended to prevent as well as resolve issues you may not have known about. 

Benefits of Having Your Air Ducts Cleaned

There are a number of benefits of having your air ducts cleaned. For one, you can help relieve symptoms that may have been triggered as a result of dirty air ducts. Dirty air ducts can cause people to experience allergies, respiratory problems, throat irritation, headaches, and more. Another benefit of cleaning includes less energy used, meaning your bills won’t be so high. When air ducts are dirty, the heating or cooling unit has to work harder in order to function, therefore using a lot more energy than normal. Lastly, clean air ducts will make the rest of your home easier to tidy and you’ll have peace of mind knowing that the air is clear. 

Call Stephens for Proper Air Duct Cleaning  

At Stephens Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, we understand how important it is to have quality air flowing throughout your home. Our technicians would be more than happy to properly clean your air ducts. They have the tools and experience you need to breathe easy each day and are here to help when you need them most. In addition to air duct cleaning, we also offer replacement if necessary as well as other services which include humidifier installation and replacement, dehumidifier installation and replacement, thermostat installation and replacement, air conditioning repair, replacement, installation, service, and maintenance, and much more. 
With over 30 years of HVAC excellence, you can count on our team to provide you with quality work, friendly service, and unbeatable prices. We are committed to preventative work that saves our clients time and money, cultivating relationships, staying at the forefront of industry advancement, and professionalism at all times. In the event of an emergency, Stephens provides services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to customers in the South Bay, Long Beach, and Orange County. To schedule an appointment, you can contact us by phone or fill out the form available on our website. We offer free estimates and full price quotes before service starts so that you know exactly what you are looking at. No matter what your HVAC needs are, quality work and service are just around the corner.