The Ideal Humidity for a Comfortable Home

The ideal humidity for a comfortable home

Humidity is the measure of how much moisture is in the air. Typically the warmer the climate the higher the humidity and vice versa. Controlling the humidity levels in your home plays an important role in overall comfortability and health for you and your family. 

What is the best humidity level for indoors?

On average, people prefer the humidity levels in your home to be between 30-50%. This range creates the best air quality for you to breathe in. 

When levels go above 50% the air can feel sticky and heavy making it harder to breathe. High levels of humidity in your home could lead to condensation on your windows and ceilings (think of the water droplets that collect on the bathroom ceiling after a steamy shower). Humid climates are ideal areas for mould to grow and for critters like cockroaches to set up shop. Your air conditioning unit, if properly functioning, is the best way to combat this problem during the warmer months. 

When the humidity level goes below 30% the air can feel dry and even make your skin dry, cause sinus issues and increase static electricity. It can also cause any wood floors or furniture to split or crack. It is particularly important to prevent extremely low humidity in your bedrooms where you sleep because it can lead to you and your family waking up feeling sick and having chapped lips. 

Ways to achieve the perfect humidity level in your home

Utilizing your heating and air conditioning systems throughout the year properly can help regulate the humidity levels in your home and keep your house comfortable. Here are some great tips to achieve optimum humidity in your home. 

  • Check your windows for efficiency to ensure they are properly insulated 
  • Utilize humidifiers or dehumidifiers throughout your house depending on the climate you are in (especially the bedrooms)
  • Check your home’s ventilation system to make sure the air in your house is circulating properly 
  • Invest in a humidity gauge to keep an eye on the moisture levels in your home (try out this inexpensive option on amazon)
  • Keep your thermostat at 70 degrees throughout the year to keep your home a consistent comfortable temperature
  • Install extraction fans in your bathrooms if you favor taking hot showers
  • Make sure your house is adequately insulated throughout 

If you are having trouble achieving the right level of humidity in your home you can opt to enlist a plumber to help. If you need assistance with any of your heating and air conditioning systems, or figuring out how to optimize your home’s humidity levels please reach out to us to schedule an appointment.