Sink Plumbing Terms to Know

Learning More About Sink Plumbing

Not everyone knows a lot about pipes and plumbing. In fact, most homeowners just hope that their pipes work efficiently and effectively and ignore them until something goes wrong. But when you notice a clog in your sink or the drain is moving more slowly than it used to, it’s important to get help sooner rather than later so things can go back to running smoothly once again. Knowing a few sink plumbing terms can also help you understand what’s going on when the plumber arrives.

What Is an Auger?

An auger is a flexible metal rod with springy material that could have a cutting or clearing element on the end. It might be the first line of defense a plumber could use to clear a clog in a drain. There are even longer augers that can be used to clear underground drains of their issues using motors.

The Faucet

The faucet is a fixture on the sink that controls the water flow. Most sinks have valves that can modify the temperature so you can change from hot to cold. They come with either one or two handles. With two handles, one is for hot and the other cold. For a single handle, you can tilt it one way or the other for the variation.

Garbage Disposal

This device is an appliance that is often attached underneath the kitchen sink. It can chop up food waste and get things going through the drain in an easier manner.

What Is a Faucet Screen?

This small metal screen can catch small debris before it gets into the water system. It is usually on the faucet arm nozzle, but water hoses on washing machines could have this screen as well to keep debris from damaging valves.

The Drain

This is an opening to the pipe system that takes the wastewater away from the sink and transports it to the sewer or elsewhere for treatment. The drains are usually open in a sink, though some have protective grates over them if there is no disposal to keep larger items from going down the drain and clogging things up.

An Overflow

Some drains are used to prevent a fixture from overflowing. There’s generally a small hole near the top of the bathroom sink, for example, that connects to the drain. The basin can’t overflow as easily and flood onto the floor because this hole allows the water to drain another way if the sink is left running.

What Is a Sink Plunger?

Like a toilet plunger, there are special plungers for sinks that can help unclog the drain. The cupped device acts as a suction with a handle to dislodge things from the pipes and clear them out.

Diagnose Sink Plumbing Issues

When you invite a plumber over to take a look at your sink plumbing, you don’t have to know all or any of the terms. They can explain the issues as far as you want so you can understand what needs repairs and what you can do to prevent the issue from happening again in the future. The plumbers at Stephens Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning are more than willing to help.

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