Tips for Keeping Your Bathroom Clean

Tips for Keeping Your Bathroom Clean 

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms inside your home. It is part of our everyday routines and necessary for upholding good personal hygiene. Keeping your bathroom looking pristine is not only good for its physical appearance but it can also prevent serious health issues from arising or even worsening. Mold, dust, dirt, and other contaminants can live on surfaces, foul odors can appear, and more. By giving your bathroom space a deep cleaning every now and then you won’t have to worry about cleaning as often. Learn some helpful tips for keeping your bathroom smelling fresh and looking clean with Stephens. 

Shower and Bathtub 

Let’s start with the shower and or bathtub. There are several areas that need to be cleaned when looking at a shower or bath. Oftentimes, dirt and soap scum accumulate in both showers and baths. To remove this, you can choose to purchase a cleaning solution or create your own depending on the type of material you are dealing with. Mixing vinegar and baking soda have proven to be successful for many when trying to remove soap scum. It is important to note that some cleaning agents or DIY solutions can be damaging, so researching how to best clean your specific material is essential. If you have tile in your shower or bathtub space, it likely has grout that needs to be cleaned. Grout can develop mold as it is porous and bathroom spaces are high-moisture areas. Showerheads and faucets also require a deep clean, which can be done by allowing them to soak in a plastic bag filled with vinegar. Lastly, it is also a good idea to wash shower curtains often as well as replace the liner. 


I think we can all agree that sinks can become dirty and fast, whether its residue from beauty or hygiene products, dirt, soap scum, or even hair. To thoroughly clean your bathroom sink, it is again important to choose a cleaning solution that won’t ruin whatever your sink is made out of. Porcelain sinks that are white, for example, can be cleaned using dish soap and hot water, baking soda, and bleach for serious stains. 


A shiny, clean toilet is what we should all aspire to have. Using a scrubbing brush and toilet cleaner, thoroughly disinfect the entire bowl and under the rim. When doing this, we recommend wearing protective rubber gloves to prevent bacteria from getting on your hands. The exterior of the toilet should also be sanitized as well as the toilet seat. 


The very last thing that should be cleaned is the floor due to the possibility of dust and other contaminants falling while cleaning other fixtures. First, we suggest vacuuming up any hair, dirt, and other debris that may be lying on the ground. As previously mentioned with other fixtures above, the way you clean your floors will depend greatly on the flooring material installed in your bathroom. 

Keep Your Bathroom Clean and Running Smoothly With Plumbing Services From Stephens 

Impress guests and maintain good health by keeping your bathroom clean and safe. If you are experiencing bathroom plumbing issues, you can count on Stephens to provide affordable, reliable service. Call today to schedule an appointment and receive a free estimate. No matter what your plumbing needs, our team is here to help.