Heater Services You Might Need This Winter

Stay Warm With Heater Services 

The last thing you want is to hear the noise of nothing coming through the vents when it’s chilly outside (and inside). You know your heater isn’t operating properly when you don’t feel warm air coming out of the vents and you really know it’s not working when it’s not running at all. There are many types of heater services that come by on a regular basis during the winter months. Here are a few you might need, depending on how old your heater is and your home’s circumstances.

Replacing the Wall Heater

Most heaters will last quite a long time, but wall heaters tend to lose their effectiveness after a while. When you need to replace it, you will notice that your gas bills are higher than normal. If the system is 15 years old or older, it could make strange noises as well. Sometimes, it’s just the thermostat, but if you notice that your heating system isn’t operating well any longer, replacement might be necessary.

Heater Repairs

No heater can run for a lifetime without any repairs or maintenance. You need to have your heater looked over on an annual basis, so it can run effectively and efficiently. When you have to make small repairs during the maintenance checks, it’s a lot better than letting things break down, resulting in larger repairs.

Floor Heater Maintenance

There’s nothing better than stepping on a warm floor in the winter when it’s bitterly cold outside. Everyone has had the opposite—a cold floor. And when you are used to a nice, warm floor, feeling the chill again can be shocking. Floor heaters need repairs when the heat is low or not working at all. You might also hear noises and the energy bills could reflect a problem. When maintenance is necessary, get to it right away.

Thermostat Installation and Replacement

Thermostats are what control heaters in the first place. They read the temperature in your home and turn the heater on and off. If you have an older thermostat, you might want to invest in a smart thermostat that you can set to certain temperatures for certain times of the day to save money. Programming your schedule into the thermostat is a great idea to keep your home more energy efficient. You might need help with the installation of a new thermostat or, if there’s a problem with the heater, it could be caused by the thermostat. 

Heater Venting Systems

Most heaters are connected to venting systems that run throughout the home. However, those systems can accumulate dust and dirt. This can then cause the heater to operate ineffectively. Dirt in the vents can also cause health issues and increase energy bill costs. Getting the venting systems cleaned out and inspected can take away all of those headaches.

Heater Services Are Necessary

Whether your heater is operating well or not, heater services are necessary at some time or another. Get your heater inspected regularly and, with any luck, you can avoid serious issues down the road. When you do need a repair, contact Stephens Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning to get the problem fixed right away.

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