How Do I Know If I Need Repairs On My Commercial HVAC System?

How do I know if I need to repair my commercial HVAC system?

If you own or work out of a commercial space, you have to look out for different things when it comes to your HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system. Unlike residential heating and air conditioning systems, commercial properties require more complex high-powered systems as the spaces are much larger and more open. Although the systems themselves can be different, the signs to look out for potential issues are very similar to the things you would look out for in your own homes. Here are the red flags to look out for to know if you are in need of HVAC repairs in your commercial space. 

Increased energy expenses

The first sign that something is awry is when the money talks. If you notice your energy bills increasing significantly from the previous month, this is likely a sign that things aren’t working efficiently. It is a good idea to bring in the professionals and schedule a service call for your heating and air conditioning systems before you waste more money on your energy bills. 

Changes in airflow

When commercial heating and air conditioning systems have issues, they sometimes cause fluctuations in the normal airflow that can be detected. This can be an increase in temperature to the overall air or a decrease in the strength of the airflow. Whatever the change is, these aren’t signs that should be ignored. Be sure to schedule a maintenance call immediately. 

Increased humidity or leaks

When a system isn’t working properly it has trouble regulating the humidity in a space. If you notice condensation on windows and glass, or puddling around the unit itself this can be a sign of an issue. Similarly, HVAC systems can leak refrigerant making them work harder to cool a space and other problems. If either instance arises be sure to call for your air conditioning repair. 

Strange sounds or smells

Commercial systems often have their common noises, but if you start hearing banging or other strange sounds this is likely a problem. Also, if you experience any odd odors coming from the air from your system this is something that should be addressed right away. Pay attention to your heating and cooling systems and contact a professional right away if you notice anything off with the sounds or smells coming from it. 

Be sure to stay on top of maintaining your current commercial HVAC system to prolong the life of it. Replacing a commercial HVAC system can cost upwards of $6,000 depending on the size of the space. Stephens is here to help you preserve your existing system and get the most out of it with our heating and air conditioning services. Schedule your next annual checkup with us today!