Three Reasons Why You Need to Clean Your Air Ducts

Three Reasons Why You Need to Clean Your Air Ducts

Your air ducts are the unsung heroes of your air conditioning system. The ductwork offers a pathway for air to travel through your home, sucking stale air out and pushing fresh air in. Overtime, your ducts get contaminated with dust and debris. Sometimes they harber moisture and become overgrown with mold and mildew. Dirty ducts can have negative impacts on your air quality and system functionality. Here are three reasons why you need to have your air ducts professionally cleaned.

1. Duct Cleaning Could Improve Your Air Quality

Though air filters do a decent job at filtering out dust and hair, they aren’t perfect. In order for proper air flow, the filters need to be breathable. This unfortunately means that particles and contaminants make their way through the filter and into your ducts. Overtime, your ducts begin to collect dust, pet dander, mold, fungi, and bacteria. When you turn your AC on, all of those pollutants contaminate your air. A duct cleaning will remove those impurities and therefore, result in cleaner air. Improved air quality will have positive effects on your health, especially if you suffer from allergies or respiratory conditions.

2. Duct Cleaning Could Enhance Your System’s Performance

If your ducts are clogged with dust and debris, your system will experience restricted airflow. The HVAC unit will struggle to cool your home and will need to work even harder to keep up. This puts a strain on the unit and decreases its efficiency and lifespan. When you have the ducts cleaned out, proper airflow will be restored and the system will function better. Duct cleaning combined with annual HVAC maintenance could also extend the life of your unit.

3. Duct Cleaning Could Save You Money

When your system is overworked, it will use up more energy. Cleaning your ducts will allow your system to function normally again and bring your utility bills back down. It also could prevent costly repairs or premature replacements. A less obvious financial benefit is reduced medical costs. If your dirty ducts are affecting your health, cleaning them will decrease your reliance on medications, treatments, and doctor visits.

Hire Stephens Plumbing to Clean Your Air Ducts

Air duct cleaning isn’t something you can DIY; it requires special tools and training. If you live in the South Bay or Orange County, our experienced and knowledgeable technicians can get your air ducts spick and span again. You’ll experience improved air quality, better system performance, and financial savings. For more than three decades, Stephens Plumbing has helped California residents with all their plumbing, heating, and air conditioning needs — duct cleaning is just one more crucial service we offer. Contact us today.