Practicing Gas Fireplace Safety

Why Have a Gas Log Fireplace?

Fireplaces are the perfect addition to your home as they add warmth and comfort, especially during the colder winter months. There are different types of fireplaces to choose from. These include wood burning, gas, and electric. Gas log fireplaces, in particular, have many benefits for homeowners. They are safer, easier to maintain, are cost efficient, friendlier to the environment, and last longer than most other fireplaces. Part of having a gas fireplace is practicing safety precautions. Learn about the safety measures involved with having a gas log fireplace with Stephens Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning.  

Invest in a Safety Screen

While fires help keep your home warm and cozy, they can also be dangerous, especially when small children or pets are present. The glass on the fireplace can reach very high temperatures. It can also remain hot for awhile, even after being turned off. If the glass is touched, serious burns can occur. To prevent any contact with the hot glass, a safety screen should be put in place.

Practice Careful Cleaning

Gas fireplaces need to be cleaned properly in order to keep them intact. Before cleaning, it is important to make sure that the gas valve is off and that the glass has completely cooled down. If the glass is still hot, cleaning it with a cool cloth or glass cleaner could crack it. Remove the wood and clean off any dirt. A vacuum can also be used to clean up any dirt on the inside of the fireplace. 

Consider Its Purpose

What is the purpose of your gas fireplace? Is it for aesthetics? Do you use it for heating up your home? Does it save you more money than other heating methods? Before choosing a gas fireplace, talk with a specialist to determine which one would best suit your home most efficiently. 

Keep Away Flammables

It is important to note that just because you may have a glass window in front of the gas fire, stuff surrounding the fireplace is still at risk for catching fire. Anything that is potentially flammable should be at least three feet from the gas fireplace to avoid a potential accident. Some common flammable items include curtains, furniture, rugs, and other household decorations.

Get Regular Inspections

Practice fireplace safety by getting your gas fireplace regularly inspected. A good time to do this is before the temperature starts getting cooler. You need to make sure that your fireplace can handle being used as frequently as you would like. An inspection will ensure that your fireplace is running smoothly and safely. Inspections also help maintain the fireplace’s longevity. 

Stephens’ Fireplace Services

If you’re considering getting a gas fireplace installed or have questions regarding your current fireplace, contact the expert technicians at Stephens Plumbing, Heatings & Air Conditioning. We will educate you on the proper safety measures and address any of your questions or concerns. We can also install a gas line for your new gas fireplace, repair any issues you may be having, and help you transition to a gas fireplace, so you can enjoy and appreciate all of its benefits. Schedule an appointment with us today!

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