Save Money Through Your Thermostat

Things You Can Do to Save Money On Your Energy Bill

We all like being comfortable in our homes throughout the year, but could we be wasting significant amounts of money on our energy bills in the process? The answer is that you’re likely not optimizing your energy usage by practicing thermostat best practices. Learning about how to best heat and cool your home is a useful skill that could pay off in the long run!

Optimizing Your Thermostat in the Summer

The warmer months are infamous for causing us the highest energy bills of the year. Yet we don’t necessarily want to sacrifice the pleasure that comes from being able to escape the hot days in our own homes. Some things to try out to reduce your costs: 

  1. Only cool the room that you are using

    During the day when you’re likely not using all of the rooms in your home, or when you’re not home at all, turn the thermostat temperature up or off completely. This will save you significantly over the course of a month. 

  2. Get the circulation going

    By investing in a quality fan, you can keep the cool air moving throughout the home, and really optimize your energy flow. Ceiling fans in bedrooms are another great way to stay cool while you sleep, without having to set the thermostat too low. 

  3. Increase the temperature

    Everyone has their magic number in mind that they like to have the thermostat set to. Yet the difference between a couple of degrees is hardly noticeable. Try increasing the temperature on your thermostat by one to three degrees either for part of the day or the whole day and save big on your monthly bill. 

Staying Warm in the Winter Without the Splurge

In those colder months, it’s likely we Californians aren’t big on feeling cold. But hiking up the thermostat temperature will cost you unless you practice these simple tips for saving money. 

  1. Focus on energy efficiency 

    Check your windows, doors, or other areas prone to leaks as the cold air will find any way to seep in. The better sealed your home, the less your heater will have to work to heat your home. 

  2. Replace your filter

    Making sure you regularly check and replace your air filter will keep your HVAC system working well throughout the year. Don’t make your heater work any harder than it needs to, and experience less wear and tear on your system overall. 

  3. Get a programmable thermostat

    Programmable thermostats take the guesswork out of utilizing best practices. You can pre-set the system to work efficiently throughout the day adjusting temperatures and usage as your lifestyle allows. This investment saves people tons long-term. 

Stephens is Here to Help You Save Money

Whether it’s upgrading to a more efficient HVAC system, or swapping out an older thermostat, sometimes saving money requires the help of certified experts. Our team is equipped with the knowledge and savvy needed to help you save money through your thermostat!