Gas Log Fireplace Maintenance

Maintenance Tips For The Gas Log Fireplace In Your Home

Gas fireplaces are warm and cozy and they don’t require nearly as much maintenance and cleaning as a natural wood-burning fireplace. You don’t have to cut or haul wood into the home and deal with all of the ash residuals. Gas fireplaces do need a little basic care, like any appliance, since they go through wear and tear (depending on how much you use them). To get the most enjoyment from them, it’s best to keep these maintenance tips in mind.

Keep It Clean

Once a month or so, inspect the gas log fireplace and clean it out as best you can. Don’t clean it unless the burner has been off for several hours and the logs are not hot to the touch. Clean the logs with a duster or soft brush to get the dust and dirt off. Check the inside of the fireplace for buildup that may need to be brushed away. And as long as you’re in there, wipe the inside and outside of the glass doors. The glass can cloud over if it’s not cleaned and you won’t be able to see the fire as well.

Remember The Vent And Chimney

The chimney and outside vent are major parts of the fireplace and you’ll have to keep them clean to maintain efficiency and safety. Check the chimney for debris or soot build up to avoid fires and check the vent outside for leaves, nests, or other damage. Remove any debris and if the vent has damages, call a professional for help.

Check For Cracks And Leaks

While you are tidying things up, it’s a good idea to inspect the operation of the gas log fireplace. Check the gasket for cracks or missing pieces and look at the valves, the burner, and the gas line for leaks or breaks. Any wear and tear you see could reduce the efficiency of the fireplace. If you feel like you’re still cold, even when it’s on, or your gas bills are raising despite lack of use, these could indicate cracks and leaks. Damage to the parts can also cause dangerous gas leaks so you should consult with professionals right away if you suspect something is wrong.

Get Annual Inspections

It’s never a bad idea to get an annual inspection on something that deals with gas. You want to maintain the gas log fireplace in the best possible manner and experts can check the safety pilot and other connections to ensure everything is in working order. You want good ventilation and safe usage so you can stay warm whenever you need it.

Getting Gas Long Fireplace Installation

If you already have a gas log fireplace, contact Stephens Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning for inspections every year. If you’ve always wanted one and you’re ready to move forward with installation, we can take care of setting that up for you as well. Gas long fireplaces, at their best, are comfortable and cozy during the cold months.

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