Avoiding Hot And Cold Spots With HVAC Balancing

Balancing The HVAC System

It would be nice if your HVAC system worked efficiently and effectively from now until eternity without any interference. However, as is true with any appliance, maintenance is necessary from time to time. You might notice hot and cold spots in your home and you automatically turn to your HVAC system for the answers. If your air circulation isn’t balanced properly, it can decrease your home’s energy efficiency and create those hot and cold pockets within your home. An HVAC contractor can test and adjust your system using their skills and the tools of the trade. Here are a few things they might do when they are in your home to get things evened out.

Open And Close Registers

You can direct air through your home in different manners by opening and closing registers. The HVAC contractor might close vents off in certain rooms and open them in others to see where the air is flowing and how. If you have one room is hot, perhaps keeping some or all of the registers closed in that room is the best option.

Check The Filters

Any time there’s an HVAC technician messing around with your system, they’ll do some basic things as well, like check the filters. Changing your filters on a regular basis will improve your air quality, your HVAC system’s efficiency, and your air balance. Your HVAC will see a longer life if you change filters and it will help keep energy costs down as well. Changing the air filter is a good first step to balancing the air within your home.

Watch For Airflow Restrictions

There might be registers that are covered up with furniture or other items that will block air and make the HVAC system work harder. If you have a lot of electronics close to a thermostat, that can mess things up as well. The HVAC contractor might recommend air defectors to cause the air to blow away from furniture and into the room so it can be utilized better.

Inspect Air Ducts

The air ducts are usually the main cause of out of balance heating and cooling. You might have a loose duct joint that needs to be refitted and sealed up. You might also need insulation around the ducts so you don’t lose air that needs to go into certain rooms. This inspection can go a long way to diagnosing any issues you have with proper air balancing.

Using Your HVAC System To Its Best Abilities

The HVAC system is one of the most important systems in your home. It keeps your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It was built to operate properly and when everything lines up well, it’s efficient and effective. If your air is out of balance, contact an HVAC contractor, like the experts at Stephens Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning. You can get the even temperature you want and the performance you need from your HVAC system once everything is in balance and lined up just right.

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