How to Prepare for a Plumbing Appointment

Whether your garbage disposal is broken, your pipes are in need of hydro jetting, or your shower isn’t producing any hot water, you may be needing to call a plumber in the near future. When that happens, we want to help you prepare for what to expect. Here’s how to prepare for a visit from the plumber.

1. Make sure you can describe the issue.

During the call to schedule an appointment with a plumber, try to be as detailed and descriptive about the problem as possible. When given more information, your plumber will have an easier time deciding how long a job will take, which supplies to bring, and what to expect when they arrive.

Plumbing Phone Call Example

Acceptable: “My toilet is broken.”

Better: “My toilet won’t flush all the way.”

Best: “When I flush the toilet, the water spins around in the bowl for a while, but it never drains.”

2. Know where your plumbing is located.

Depending on the problem, your plumber may need access to the main water valve, the water heater, the water source, and more. If you can show the plumber where everything is located, he’ll be able to solve the problem much quicker. Don’t know where your plumbing fixtures are located? It’s time to go exploring! Now, if you ever need to shut off your water in the case of a plumbing emergency, you’ll know where to go.

3. Clean up any access areas.

Is the problem with your kitchen sink? Clear any clutter away from the sink and surrounding counter space. Since your plumber will need to access the pipes underneath the sink, it will be helpful to clear out any cleaning supplies or other items from underneath as well. Also, it may be helpful to make a clear pathway to your water valve, water source, or water heater, as well.

4. Put any pets away before the plumber arrives.

While your plumber may love your dog under any other circumstances, he’s there to do his job as efficiently as possible. Make sure your pets don’t have the opportunity to get in the way by keeping them in another room or in the backyard.

5. Expect to choose between options.

In many cases, there can be a few different ways to solve a plumbing problem. Often, the choice is between repairing a faulty plumbing fixture or replacing it. Other times, the choice can be between a quick fix or a permanent solution. Your plumber can advise you on costs, time requirements, and any potential damage to your home or yard to help you make your decision. When given multiple options, the choice will ultimately be up to you. It can help to do a little research on the pros and cons of each method.

Example: Hydro Jetting vs. Snake Drain Cleaning

When your drains are clogged, you may be faced with a choice: hydro jetting or snake drain cleaning? Snake drain cleaning is a more traditional method of eliminating clogs in your pipes. Hydro jetting is a relatively new method of drain cleaning that completely cleans out your pipes and helps to increase the lifespan. In this case, you could choose the quick fix: snake drain cleaning, or you could pay a little more and avoid future clogs through hydro jetting.

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