Plumber Facts About Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning Is A Plumber’s Mainstay

Drain cleaning isn’t something you have done very often, unless you really need it. But a professional drain cleaning is important to a plumber. Many homeowners neglect their drains as long as they are doing their jobs. And they might even put drains off when they are slowing down and showing signs of a clog. On the other side, drain cleaning is something every home will need at one point or another. It’s best to have it done at the first sign of trouble. Here are a few facts to know about drain cleaning that your plumber would like for you to know.

1. Drain Cleaning Is Routine

Drain cleaning definitely has to be done when your shower isn’t draining well or your sink is clogged up, but it’s not something you have to wait on until there’s a large problem. Drain cleaning should take place as part of routine maintenance and not just in emergency situations. In fact, when you have it done routinely, like annually along with a plumbing inspection, you can avoid those emergency situations altogether.

2. Store Bought Cleaners Aren’t Drain Cleaning

If you notice a clog starting, you might run to the store and get a drain cleaner you can pour down the drain. These chemicals are not recommended by plumbers and they don’t really work. The chemicals can temporarily unclog a drain, but they don’t remove any buildup and the clog will return again soon. In the meantime, the chemicals can damage the pipe and cause other issues later.

3. Professional Drain Snakes Are Best

You can get drain snakes and try to clear the pipes out yourself, but plumbers have better, professional grade snakes that will do a much more thorough job. The one you might purchase has a hand crank and can help clear out obstructions if they are close enough to the top. Plumbers, however, have motorized drain snakes that can get through even the worst clogs. They make the drain cleaning process more thorough and effective.

4. Hydro-Jetting Really Works

While drain snakes can help remove clogs and push things through the system, hydro-jetting really works to clean the drains out. These jets scour the inside of the pipes with high-pressure water. They’re safe and leave drains free of debris and build up. Think about power washing a deck and apply that to the pipes and drains. Everything looks as good as new once the water goes through.

Getting A Plumber On Your Drain Cleaning Job

There’s nothing to be ashamed of when you call for drain cleaning. Your plumber knows it’s a routine piece of maintenance and it happens in every home. While the plumber is there, ask for tips on how you can keep the drains as clog free as possible. You can utilize the expert’s advice while you have them in your home. With a few dos and don’ts, you might be able to put drain cleaning off a little longer. Though it’s always a good thing to have done when you have your pipes inspected.