Plumbing Questions You Need To Ask

Decoding Plumbing By Asking Smart Questions

When you are having plumbing issues, you may have no idea what’s going on. How do you get the answers you need? You first have to ask the right questions. It’s tempting to call the first plumber you can find when you need help, but you will want to take a step back from the situation and ask the right questions first. Your plumbing is important and you need to find a quality company to work on any repairs you need. Here are just a few of the plumbing questions to ask when you need a repair.

Do You Have Licensing And Insurance?

Before you hire any company to even look at your plumbing, you need to know that they are qualified for the job. Plumbing jobs are technical and plumbers have to provide careful calculations and tasks. You know to make sure any plumber that comes into your home knows what they are doing. Plumbers with licenses are the only way to go and insurance is a must to protect your own home and interests as well as them.

What Do Your Estimates Include?

You know you need a plumber to come in and do a repair, but you want to make sure you understand the estimate they provide to you for the job. Some estimates might include the parts and labor, but there could be hidden fees like trip charges. Understanding the way they estimate jobs will help you have a better idea as to what costs will go into the repair.

What Am I Doing Wrong?

One of the best things you can find out about your plumbing while you have a professional on hand is what you might be doing to cause issues. Leaks are going to happen and sometimes there’s nothing you can do. But when it comes to clogs, there are might be things you are doing to cause them—and things you can do to prevent them in the future. Ask the professional what things you can and cannot use the drain for and what you may be doing that causes damage. You can prevent a return trip from a plumbing company again soon.

Are There Guarantees?

You want a plumber working in your house to do quality work and that often means they will stand behind their work with a guarantee. If they fix a leak, for example, and the pipe starts leaking again next week, they should come back and fix it again without extra charges. That’s just good business practice and that’s the type of company you want to work with.

Finding Plumbing Professionals

Plumbing systems aren’t something everyone understands and that’s okay. You haven’t been trained in plumbing and you don’t work with pipes and fixtures on a daily basis. That’s why you need to call Stephens Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning…because we do have the training and expertise for such repairs. We’re honest plumbers who do the best work at a fair price. Let us take a look at your plumbing issue and answer your questions!