Reasons To Get Furnace And Air Conditioning Service At Once

Air Conditioning Service Combines With Furnace Service

Your air conditioner and your furnace serve two separate purposes, but in the end, they do very similar things. In the summer, your air conditioner spreads cool air throughout your home while in winter, the furnace spreads heat. But both units do their best to keep you comfortable within your home. When the time comes for air conditioning service, which might include a complete unit replacement, is it best to replace the furnace as well or wait until it fails? Here are some tips to help you decide one way or the other.

Replacing The Air Conditioner And Furnace At Once

The blower, which is generally part of the furnace, is also used to blow air conditioning through the house. The air conditioning has two units, an indoor and outdoor unit. When you replace the air conditioning, you need to replace both units. However, you don’t always have to replace the air conditioning and the furnace at once. You will want to keep in mind that the air conditioning will still use the blower motor from the furnace so if you want efficiency, it might be a good idea to replace it all at once. An older furnace might not have a blower that can keep up with an efficient air conditioning unit. If the furnace is pretty old, it’s only a matter of time before it fails. Matching it with an efficient air conditioner can even speed that up. You can save money overall by getting both done at once.

Not Replacing The Furnace And Air Conditioner At Once

If your furnace is relatively new, like less than 10 years old, you are better off waiting for it to need replacement. Furnaces can last 20-30 years and air conditioners don’t last quite as long. It’s possible that the next time you need to get a new air conditioner, the furnace will be ready then as well.

Charting The Difference

If you need a new air conditioner, you should get a new furnace as well if:

-The furnace is over 15 years old

-You’re getting a high efficiency air conditioner that the furnace can’t support

-The installation is complicated and best done together

-You don’t want to worry about HVAC repairs in the near future

If you need a new air conditioner, you can wait on getting the furnace if:

-Your furnace is less than 10 years old

Calling Professionals For Air Conditioning Service

You can often put off replacement of either unit if you get regular maintenance through air conditioning services. Have your AC and your furnace checked out on an annual basis by professionals who can catch small things that need to be repaired and ensure both units are working effectively and efficient. By getting these maintenance checks, you have peace of mind that you’ll be warm or cool throughout the upcoming season and you will have the lowest possible energy bills with your unit working as efficiently as it can. Call Stephens Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning to schedule air conditioning services today.