Is Repiping Really Necessary?

Why Do You Need Repiping?

Despite how much people want to believe that pipes last forever and never need to be repaired, this is unfortunately not true. Pipes get old, rust, mold, and more. Repiping is a necessary plumbing job that is needed every once in a while.  Fortunately, there are many common signs that will help you know when your pipes need to be replaced.

Observe The Water

The easiest way to check if you have bad pipes in your building is to check the water. There are many qualities of water that change due to the effects of bad pipes. This is an important sign to check, because the water that you may be using, especially drinking, will be unhealthy if your pipes are bad. The first quality of change that you should inspect is the color of the water. The right water that should come through your pipes should be clear, filtered water. If your water is brown, cloudy, or has any other change in color than clear then your piping is probably in need of repiping. This color distortion is most commonly caused by rusting pipes. The rust changes the water color to a rustic color and this rust gets carried throughout your pipes which is not good for your pipes or you! This rust identification also can suggest that there are mineral deposits in your pipes which will lead to clogging eventually.

Notice The Scent

Another quality of water that can be checked is the smell of the water. Water really has no scent when it is healthy, clean water. This means that if your water starts to smell, there is something wrong with your piping. The smell is often caused by the buildup of bacteria in your pipes and the buildup of rust. These two factors of smell and color are the easiest ways to clue you in that your pipes might be in need of repiping.

Water Damage

The most common cause of water damage is a result of faulty pipes. The aging pipes in buildings will start to wear out, come loose, and start leaking. These leaky pipes can cause lots of damage to a building if left untouched for a while. However, if the leaky pipes are dealt with right away, water damage will be minimized. The hard part of this process is that it is often difficult to find leaking pipes. There are common signs of water damage, however. Some of these signs include mold growing, rotting wood, stains on walls and ceilings, and condensation of water in cooler areas. If these signs are noticed, the best solution is to contact a professional plumbing company and ask them for repiping.

When Should You Repipe

Repiping is a very common solution to the problems mentioned in this article. However, it may be difficult for many people to know if they need repiping or not. In order to solve this, the best way is to contact a professional plumbing company and have them inspect your home. This will ensure that the right approach is taken, and the right solution is completed.