Setting Up Bathroom Plumbing

Renovating Bathroom Plumbing

If you want to take your bathroom to the height of functionality and style, a renovation may be in order. You can renovate the bathroom by leaving the plumbing as is and changing things around it or you can completely redo the room and possibly move the plumbing around. How do you figure out how to set the room up? Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Tip 1: Consider What Exists

The first thing you will want to do is think about where the current plumbing is and what changes you want to make. Keep in mind that moving plumbing is going to be an expensive part of the renovations so if things operate okay as they are, you might want to leave them. However, that’s not always the case and to get the right functions, you may need a change in format. Think about where things are now versus when you shift them so you can strategize on making as little disruption to the plumbing layout as possible.

Tip 2: Consult With A Plumber

Before you get big aspirations in your bathroom plumbing, it’s good to consult with a professional plumber who will be able to tell what can be done and what you might want to avoid. Have a budget for the project in mind so when you hear different price points, you can automatically rule certain things out based on costs. The plumber will be able to tell you what it’s going to take to move the items you want moved and approximately how much it will cost.

Tip 3: Look At Bathrooms Of A Similar Size

If you’re not really sure what you want for your space yet but you know it needs an update, look through magazines and home improvement websites on bathrooms that look similar in size to yours. That can help you brainstorm layouts and styles to get you started down the right path. It can also show you different bathroom plumbing options to give you ideas on what might function well for your space.

Tip 4: Remember Your Family

Is the bathroom something you use alone or are there several people in and out every morning? You’ll want to accommodate your family’s needs, whatever those may be. For a larger family, sharing a bathroom, you might want to wall the toilet off and place a door on it so one person can be in there while another is in the shower with privacy still available for both people.

Getting The Bathroom Plumbing Layout You Need

When you are working on bathroom renovations, you can dream all you want, but it’s in your best interest to contact a professional plumber early in the process. Stephens Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning can check out your current plumbing, give you advice on possible changes, and talk about what might be best for your family. In the end, you’ll have a bathroom that is functional and beautiful so your household can enjoy using it for many years into the future.

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