Understanding Commercial Plumbing

Residential Versus Commercial Plumbing: How Are They Different?

If you have a commercial building, you need a certain kind of plumber to help you when plumbing issues arise. You might think that pipes are pipes and bathrooms are bathrooms, but there are differences between homes and buildings and they take certain types of plumbers with the right expertise. Here’s how commercial plumbing is different than residential plumbing in just a few ways.

Commercial Plumbing Requires More Square Feet

Your home is likely much smaller than a commercial building. Buildings have a lot more space to cover and because of that, there are more pipes and outlets as well. You have to have a number of toilets and sinks in each bathroom rather than just one as you would have in a house. That square footage makes a huge difference in how the plumber operates when planning things out or repairing things in the future.

More Than Two Floors In Buildings

While there are more square feet, there are also usually more floors. Homes have one or two floors and that’s it. Buildings can have many more floors and gravity plays a big part in how plumbing works. Residential plumbers work with one or two floors and that’s it. Commercial plumbers have to be able to figure out problems like water pressure and leaks even on the top floor of a very tall building.

More Options For Repairs Within Commercial Plumbing

When you think of a house with one bathroom versus a house with four, there are much more chances for a plumbing issue to arise in a house with four bathrooms, right? Simply because there’s more plumbing on site. The same can be said about a commercial building. There are a lot more fixtures and pipes, which means there’s a lot of reasons things could go wrong. If there’s a leak in a home, the pipes that could be causing it are limited. In a building, there are many more pipes and water leak detection can be all that much more complicated than they are in a home.

Calling For Commercial Plumbing

If you run a commercial building and you want to keep the plumbing intact, it’s best to be hooked up with a commercial plumber. That way, when you need a repair, have a leak, or are worried about water pressure, you know who to call. There are plumbing companies that have residential and commercial plumbing options, but if you don’t specifically see the word “commercial” in their description, they may only work on houses and that won’t help your commercial building.

Contacting Stephens Plumbing

Stephens Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning has residential plumbers that can help with leaky faucets, clogged drains, and other household issues. However, this versatile company also has commercial professionals that work within businesses of all sizes. You can call for scheduled maintenance, new system installations, repairs, or anything in between. You know you’re getting the right needs met when you work with commercial plumbing experts.

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