How to Snake a Drain

Experiencing a Clog? Learn How to Snake a Drain With Stephens

One of the most common plumbing issues is a clogged drain. A clog is a blockage that prevents something from passing through. Many times, clogs are caused by dirt, hair, soap, and the improper disposal of items, including certain food waste and feminine hygiene products. Unclogging a drain can be done in a number of ways, one of which includes using a snake. Learn how to snake a drain with the experts at Stephens Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning. 

What is a Drain Snake?

A drain snake, also known as a plumber’s snake, is a type of tool used to remove clogs from plumbing fixtures. With coiled metal on one end and a handle on the other, a snake’s length and flexibility allows it to clear what is causing an obstruction inside of a pipe. 

Types of Drain Snakes

There are different types of drain snakes including a toilet auger, top snake, medium drain machine, and large drain machine. When a plunger can’t do the job, another tool can. A toilet auger is a manual snake and used for the unclogging of toilets. A top snake, also known as a drain snake, is the smallest type of auger. This type of snake is used to help unclog shower drains, bathtubs, and sinks. A medium drain machine consists of a 3/8 inch cable that carries up to 75 feet. It is usually used for helping unclog washing machines as well as in the kitchen. Lastly, a large machine drain is responsible for removing larger clogs and can be used on main sewer lines. 

How to Snake a Drain

To snake a drain, you will start by simply putting the snake inside of the drain. Next, using the crank, you will lower the snake into the pipe until it reaches the blockage. It will work to break up the clog, some of which may come out as you pull the snake out of the pipe. 

Ways to Avoid Having to Snake Drain

While it can prove to be helpful, it is important to know how to prevent clogs, avoiding the use of snake drains completely. Never put coffee grounds, egg shells, large fruit and vegetable peelings, pasta, rice, oil, grease, and more down the garbage disposal. When flushing, try not to use too much toilet paper and do not place feminine hygiene products, cotton swabs, and large tissues down the toilet. Lastly, invest in a shower drain hair catcher to prevent hair from gathering in your drain. 

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