’Tis the Season to be Thankful for Indoor Plumbing

’Tis the Season to be Thankful for Indoor Plumbing 

This time of year we like to share what we are most thankful for. People like to express their gratitude for loved ones, health, prosperity, and opportunities. But few people spend the time to show thanks to something that we all take for granted – indoor plumbing! 

It might be hard to believe, but kitchen and bathroom plumbing has really only been around since the 1930s in the United States. At that time, only about half of homes and businesses had all of the latest amenities that we find to be essential today. So, less than a hundred years ago indoor plumbing wasn’t as common as it is today, so we should give thanks!

Important facts about indoor plumbing 

To express our gratitude for the luxuries that are appreciated today in our bathrooms, here is a trip down memory lane for how indoor plumbing has evolved over time. 

First flushing toilet – 1596 (England)

As exciting as this invention must have been, sadly only the royals were privileged enough to use this modern luxury. However, over time this invention started the process of humans migrating from using outhouses to establishing indoor plumbing. 

First citywide water system in the U.S. (Mid 1600s) 

Boston was home to the first-ever citywide water system in America. The water that ran through the system was mostly used to put out fires and for some domestic use. 

First mechanical shower – 1767 (England)

Bathing used to involve heating up water over a flame and then filling a tub with it, changing out the water each time. This was the first time that they were able to collect water in a chamber that was then released when the person showering pulled a chain and dumped it onto them. The water would be recollected and the cycle repeated with the same water until the person was done.

First washing machine – 1851

Very different from the appliances we use today, this first washing machine was made out of a barrel drum that had a handle to manually stir the contents. 

First single handle faucet and indoor running water – 1930s 

This first-ever faucet that was able to control both hot and cold water was invented by Al Moen, whose brand is still a household name today. By the 1930s, both running water and indoor plumbing were becoming common in homes across the country. 

First dishwashers in homes – 1970s 

Although initially invented in 1850, dishwashers began to become commonplace in homes across America in the 1970s. This is why sometimes you will not see them in un-updated homes built before then.  

First low-flow toilets – 1992 

During the 90’s it became apparent that modern technologies weren’t always the best for the environment or the most cost-effective to maintain. Low-flow toilets were made to conserve water usage and new standards were put in place going forward. 

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