Common Air Conditioning Service Needs

Facing Air Conditioning Service Issues With Grace

You want your home to be comfortable for your family at all times and that means maintaining your air conditioning unit. Even if you do your best to get everything lined up at all times, there are going to be issues from time to time. In fact, there are common issues that most homeowner will face at some point or another. Getting your air conditioner serviced can take care of the issues you’ll face. It’s best to know and spot when they’re coming so you can face them with certainty as you call professionals.

Uneven Cooling Issues

There are several different reasons why an AC unit might not be cooling in an even manner and many homes go through it. If one room is cold while another is still stuffy, that’s an issue you might have yourself. If you just had maintenance done recently, check the doors and windows to make sure air isn’t escaping. You might have an airflow blockage, leaking air ducts, or system imbalances, all of which can be fixed with air conditioning services.

Failure To Kick On

When you have your AC set to turn on at a certain temperature and cool the house, if it doesn’t turn on at all, there are various things that could be wrong. You never know what they are unless you’re an expert so it’s best to call an HVAC professional and have them come to your home and check things over. The air conditioner could be ready for an upgrade and replacement or there could be something simple keeping it from reading the temperature, like a worn-out thermostat.

Frozen Parts

The AC coil in the indoor unit can freeze or the outside unit can form frost or ice and both of those things will hinder the airflow inside. You’ll want to change air filters regularly and make sure the ducts aren’t obstructed so the air can cycle through the home instead of getting stuck. Low levels of refrigerant can also cause freezing so have your HVAC professional check for that.

Not-So-Cool Air

Air conditioning is supposed to cool the air, but when the air that comes out definitely isn’t cool, there could be a number of things going on that air conditioning service can spot and fit. You might not have enough Freon to cool the air, for example, or that refrigerant could be leaking. There might be damaged airflow parts or a number of other things going on. Sometimes a simple AC cleaning on the coils and other parts can take care of the issue. Other times, a full AC replacement is in order.

Air Conditioning Service Needs

Most homes have AC these days and that means they need air conditioning service from time to time. It’s best to get an annual inspection so you can prevent as many problems as possible, but even if you do that, at some point, something will likely break down causing you to need help. Contact Stephens Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning for troubleshooting when these problems pop up in your home.