When Does A House Need Repiping?

Repiping Signs

Your pipes are likely not something you think about on a daily basis. In fact, you don’t think about them at all until they start acting up. But pipes are an important factor in the functions of your house. You use them for every aspect of plumbing. While you may take plumbing for granted, there may come a time where repiping your home is necessary. Use these signs to see if you need repiping in your house.

Lower Water Pressure

One of the first signs you might notice is lower water pressure. If you are putting your sink or shower on full blast and still only getting a small stream, you might need repiping in order to increase the overall flow you can get.

Water Color

Older pipes can also give you odd water colors. If you turn your faucet on and see a rust color appear for a while before clear water comes out, that is a major sign that repiping is in order. The water color is off for sure, but there are other problems within your pipes that are causing these issues.


If you have leaky pipes, repiping may also become necessary. It might look like just one pipe is leaking but in reality, it could be more than one. There is at least a possibility that others are leaking as well. You will need to check leaks quickly to make sure they don’t affect the rest of your home.


Corroding pipes are another sign that you may need repiping. Corroded pipes will perform on a lesser level and you may have a lack of hot water control as a result. This could lead you down the path to repiping.

Disaster Prevention

If you know there are issues with your pipes, repiping is simply a smart move. Instead of letting leaks and other problems persist and get worse, it is best to address them right away. Repiping is a much better option than letting your pipes break and flood your home because you ignored them. Repiping will clear up many different issues that have arisen and they can also prevent much larger disasters.

Finding a Plumber

When you think you need repiping in your home for one reason or another, the best thing to do is contact a plumber. You will want to work with an honest company that will tell you what you really need and not try to pull anything over on you. When it comes to repiping, it’s a significant cost. You want to make sure a professional who has experience in that area completes the process. Ask for references before you move forward with a contract with them. Check out those references and make sure you ask if they are still happy with their repiping job today, even if it has been several years since the job was complete. When it comes to having repiping done, the more you know about the process and the plumber you hire, the better.