Water Leak Detection: Keep Your Ear To The Pipes

Use Your Plumber And Your Ears For Water Leak Detection

Homes make a lot of sounds, most of which are small and natural. Sometimes, however, there will be a sound here and there that is off. You might hear sounds inside your walls that come from the plumbing. When you hear those sounds, it’s important to know what to do about them. You might need further help with water leak detection or a visit from a plumbing company before the leaks get serious. Here are some sounds you might hear and what you should do about them.

Listen For A Banging

If you turn the water on and hear a loud banging sound, the water is hammering. That means the water is hitting a closed valve, which stops its flow. It causes the sounds you hear and can damage pipes and loosen joints. Water hammering issues happen when air chambers clog with water. You will want a plumber to clear the chambers and replace damaged parts as well as do a thorough water leak detection check in other areas.

The Shaking Sound Is Never Good

Pipes often shake when water runs through them, but if the sound is loud enough that you start to notice it, that’s something different. The pipes are probably not as secure as they should be and their mounting straps may have loosened. If the pipes shake too much, they could start to leak and water leak detection will be necessary. Call a plumber to tighten things up and ensure there aren’t any leaks about to burst.

Gurgling Sounds Funny, But Means Business

If your drain gurgles when the water runs down it, there is probably a clog backing the water up. If you hear the gurgle in any drain, they need to be cleaned out before they become backed up. A plumber can help you clear out gurgling and slow drains.

Screeching Sounds Are Horrifying

When you hear a screeching in the plumbing, it’s enough to send you to the phone fast, and it should be. Screeching faucets usually are a result from a defective or loose part in the faucet. You can replace it or repair it with the help of your plumber. But you definitely want to do something before it fails completely.

Getting Water Leak Detection Help

All of these noises could stem in leaks that will either be minor or rather serious. It is best to have a plumber fix the issues before you have a burst pipe and a huge flood. Your ears can go a long way in telling you where water leaks stem, even if they have not yet started. If you need help with plumbing sounds and repairs or water leak detection, call Stephens Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning. We’re here to help with major or minor repairs and we can even give you plumbing (sounds and all!) a complete inspection to ensure everything is running efficiently and effectively. Give us a call and describe the sounds you’re hearing and we’ll provide a solution right away!