Repiping Or Repairing?

Repiping Vs. Repairing

Plumbing can be very strong and long lasting, but no matter what you do, it doesn’t last forever. Plumbing is used multiple times everyday for a variety of things. Because of that, pipes and fixtures deteriorate over time. You might need repairs or even a complete repiping eventually in order to stay ahead of plumbing disasters.


While repairing is a viable option for some plumbing issues, it is generally only a temporary plumbing fix. Hard water and other minerals can deteriorate pipes so that they are unable to be repaired. Repairs might be conducted, but the issues will rise again. Pipe deterioration can cause rusty water in your house as well as leaks, low water pressure, and other issues. If the deterioration is taking place naturally, the pipes cannot always be repaired. If your pipes are experiencing these issues, they are being weakened and they need repiping before they burst.


It is best not to wait until your pipes start leaking before you go about repiping. If you see leaks, there might already be water damage. If your plumbing system needs repiping services, you will notice a number of things before the leaks start. Your tap water may taste awful and you may see decreased water pressure. You will also likely see dark flakes of materials in your water. It is best not to add pressure to the pipes in these cases in order to test things out. Adding pressure could cause pipes to leak or even burst since the pipes are likely weaker than they should be.

Finding Repiping Services

If you are fairly certain you need repiping and not just repairing, you will need to find a qualified company to help. Many different plumbers can aid you with pipe repairs but repiping is a different story. You will want a variety of things in a plumber

in order to trust them with repiping. Look for these qualities before you contact and hire an individual.


The first thing you want to see in a plumber is experience successfully repiping. Of course, you want to know they have a license, but actually repiping a house is different from watching someone do it or reading about it. They should have hands-on experience with many different repiping jobs before you trust that they can handle yours.

A Long History

You will also want to see that they have been in business for a long time. If their plumbing business, which should include repiping services, has stuck around for many years, it is likely they are satisfying customers with a job well done.

Emergency Services

When you are dealing with repiping issues, it can easily become an emergency overnight. If your plumber is coming to fix the pipes and repipe your home, it is a good idea to ensure they have emergency plumbing services as well in case something goes wrong before they come by to complete the job. You need to be able to call them at all times for help when repiping is necessary.